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10 Great Reasons to use a Medical Facilitator

Why book through a medical facilitator like Taqtik, rather than going direct to the hospital? Excellent question! Here are 10 great reasons why you should use a facilitator for your medical holiday.

Although price should never be your main consideration when making important decisions about your health, it’s something we are all concerned with! We have a special relationship with each of our Medical Facilitators. Our partners can get you the best local pricing, often cheaper than advertised internationally.

Our partners offer flexible travel arrangements. You can make your own booking, or they can arrange this on your behalf. Our facilitators are partnered with most travel programs and can get you excellent discounts! We do not mark up our travel services. This is complimentary.

We have been involved in medical tourism since 2004, with access to over 6000+ client testimonials, case studies, and referrals. Our consultants have personally traveled for surgery and can share their experiences. We know how to manage your medical holiday directly and we are not an agent looking for referrals.

Our partners have long-term relationships with surgeons and hospitals. It is important to understand a surgeon’s skills and choose a surgeon based on your individual needs. Surgeons move around. If you book direct with a hospital and need follow-up care, it may be difficult to locate the surgeon as they often change hospitals, even countries. Partners maintain relationships with hospitals and make sure you have continual communication with your surgeon if and when you need it, following surgery.

Our partners employ dedicated and experienced consultants that provide free consultation for as long as you need it. No question is too difficult to answer and they work hard to give you complete peace of mind before booking your medical holiday.

Our partners have experience in preparing clients for surgery. They provide a step by step guide to booking your procedures that includes:
• Itinerary – a day to day view of your appointments and schedule
• Payment and Receipt – we help process your payment directly to the hospital and provide confirmation of payments received to date
• Pre-departure Information: This is a very important document to read to answer all the small questions about your journey before you leave
• Consent forms – partners provide consent forms for your planned surgery outlining procedure and risks. You will be asked to sign these when you arrive that you agree with the procedure and risks. They are quite standard documents for any hospital and surgeon in the world, but of course if you don’t agree to the risks, then you should not have surgery and we can delay or cancel your surgery.

We have a state-of the art IT infrastructure that complies with global privacy laws. Our system is a collaboration of multiple technology partners that ensure complete client privacy from the moment of inquiry to follow up support. The system is designed to comply with HIPAA (USA), ATIP (Canada), NPP (Australia), HIPC (New Zealand), NHS (United Kingdom, and HST (South Africa), but is adaptable to suit the privacy requirement of all countries.

Most destinations offer a dedicated service manager who will look after you personally once you arrive. This will include arranging all transfers, appointments with surgeons, babysitting, or grocery shopping. (arrange in advance)

Once you arrive back home you may have additional questions. You are connected back to your consultant who booked your original surgery so they understand your original needs without having to explain. We also ask you to complete a survey as we want to continually improve. Your feedback is very important.

You are part of our family, and if interested are always looking for consultants. Share your experience with others and join our team!

Taqtik clients susan and kelvin
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Susan and Kelvin’s Couples Facelift Vacation!

There are many misconceptions about Medical Tourism. It’s not safe, no-one will speak English, the surgeons aren’t trained…the list goes on.

Thankfully you don’t have to go far before you fear a positive story about medical tourism! Thousands of patients have been astounded by the excellent level of service they receive at international hospitals, and how wrong their misconceptions were.

Grandparents Susan and Kelvin traveled together from Australia, to Phuket, Thailand for cosmetic surgery. Upon arriving home they wanted to share their story, especially with those who had concerns about travelling for surgery…

Taqtik cool sculpting
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CoolSculpting- non surgical fat reduction

The leader in non-surgical fat reduction has emerged, and it is known as CoolSculpting. Liposuction has been the gold standard for removing unwanted, stubborn fat from your body. In recent years, technology has advanced and non-surgical options for ridding yourself of stubborn body fat have come to the forefront. 

What is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is a technique that uses controlled cooling to freeze and eliminate unwanted fat cells without surgery. It is FDA-cleared, safe, effective and is the world’s #1 non-invasive fat reduction procedure.

Who are the ideal candidates for CoolSculpting?

The procedure is specially designed for those who have unwanted fat that resists diet and exercise. Good candidates have noticeable bulges in certain areas of concern such as belly, love handles, arms, thighs, as well as under the chin.

How does CoolSculpting work and what to expect during the procedure?

The procedure is a non-surgical alternative to liposuction and works by crystallizing (freezing) fat cells which then die and are naturally processed and eliminated from the body. As the cooling begins, you will feel pressure and intense cold that quickly dissipates. During the procedure you may experience deep pulling, tugging, pinching, numbness or discomfort. The length of your session will vary depending on the number of areas being treated during your visit.

How long will it take to recover?

There are no needles, surgery, or downtime. Typical side effects following the procedure include temporary numbness, redness, swelling, bruising, firmness, tingling, stinging and pain.

What are typical results?

You may start to see changes as quickly as three weeks after your treatment, and will experience the most dramatic results after two months. Your body will continue to flush out fat cells for up to four to six months after treatment. Once the treated fat cells are gone, they’re gone for good. However, additional sessions may be required in order to meet your goals.  
Taqtik Member Benefits

Budgetary quote versus firmquote

Starting your research

Embarking on a medical trip takes research and planning.  Fortunately, you can start your research by looking up budgetary pricing from a selection of top global service providers on the Taqtik marketplace.  Once you are ready you can also request a free firmquote from excellent service providers and agencies that are highly experienced in providing you with professional feedback and pricing.

The difference between a budgetary quote and a firmquote

On the marketplace, you will see pricing estimates that are current and provided by the vendor or service provider. A budgetary quote or estimate is not a fixed price, but the service provider’s (hospital, clinic) best guess of what the procedure will cost, based on an average patient and their skill and past experience of working with many international patients.

What’s a Firmquote?

A Firmquote is a confirmation from the service provider that they will complete the procedures or treatments for a specified price. On each marketplace procedure, you will see the option to request a Firmquote with surgeon feedback. This can take a few hours or several days depending on availability.

Once you accept a quote, the service provider can’t charge you more than that what was agreed unless;

    • You decide to add additional treatments
    • You agree to vary the procedures, following the pre-surgical consultation. This might include varying implants, sizes, prosthetics, etc.
    • There are undiscovered medical conditions that were not diagnosed or disclosed prior
    • Additional services not included or specified in advance (or must be over a certain amount) like airport pick-ups, local transportation, etc.

Legally, this is known as a variation.

Varying prices for similar procedures

You will see various prices on the marketplace that vary significantly in price. If the firm or budgetary quotes vary a lot in price, it is worth asking why. It could mean the service provider:

    • has more experience
    • is proposing using higher-quality materials
    • is more realistic about how long the procedure will take
    • has included services or additional options
    • has misunderstood your requests

When you have made your decision and chosen your service provider or surgeon, you should let the unsuccessful service providers know so you will not be contacted further.

Consider more than just price

When comparing quotes or estimates, don’t just base your decision on price. You should also consider the service providers or surgeons:

    • Level of experience
    • Reliability
    • Quality standards
    • Accreditation standard
    • Capacity or limited availability
    • References and past patient references

Why should I get a Firmquote?

You should get a firmquote to ensure you are suitable for the procedures or treatment you have requested and that the price is as expected. If you are planning to travel at a certain time you should also make sure there is availability at that time. 

Reserving your dates

If you have been given a firmquote, the service provider will provide you with a surgery or treatment date and commit to this date unless there is an unforeseen circumstance or you have agreed to a variation that cannot be performed on that date. To reserve these dates, you are typically asked to pay a deposit, which is typically 10% of the total firmquote, with the balance due on arrival, or 30 days prior to surgery (depending on provider).

Taqtik Obesity, weight loss, fat
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Weight Loss Surgery in Malaysia

Medical travelers choose to have weight loss surgery in Malaysia for a variety of reasons, often medical. For patients struggling with obesity conditions, a sleeve gastrectomy can be an important ally for maintaining a healthy weight.

Malaysian hospitals can offer patients quality surgical services, for a fraction of the price they would pay in their own countries.

About Gastric Sleeve Surgery

  • The Gastric Sleeve is one of the newer and less invasive gastric reduction surgery options available.
  • A sleeve gastrectomy eliminates 85% of the stomach’s surface area. A smaller stomach allows you to feel fuller sooner.
  • A Laparoscopic camera helps the surgeon to make small incisions, which reduce recovery time and the possibility of scarring.
  • The Mayo Clinic reports that “the sleeve gastrectomy portion of surgery may be all that’s needed to lose sufficient weight”.
  • The Gastric Sleeve and other bariatric procedures are typically reserved for patients with a BMI of over 35. Talk to your doctor first to determine if the procedure is right for you.
Taqtik Obesity, weight loss, fat

Take the next step with us!

Need more information? Or ready to take the next step? Contact us, or search available bariatric packages on the Taqtik Marketplace below.

Taqtik dentures
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Cancun Mexico- Destination Affordable Dental Care!

Cancun Mexico is a great destination for affordable dental care. High dental care costs in the US and Canada are driving patients to Mexico for quality, low-cost dental services. Obtaining permanent dentures in Cancun offers a great opportunity to obtain natural looking and functioning teeth without blowing the budget.

What are Permanent Dentures?

Permanent dentures are permanent replacement teeth. The dentures bonded or implanted into the mouth in place of damaged or missing teeth. Permanent dentures are considered better than a traditional dentures, as they don’t need to be taken it out, and there is no slippage while eating or talking. There are two types of permanent dentures – partial and complete.

Permanent Denture Options

  • Partial Permanent Dentures: Ideal for patients with just a few teeth missing. An assessment will be made of abutment teeth (the neighboring teeth on both sides of the gap created by missing teeth) to determine if a partial permanent denture is a viable option.
  • Complete Permanent Dentures: Also referred to as implant permanent dentures and used to replace a few missing teeth or a full set of teeth. If your gums are in a healthy condition, the surgeon will screw titanium rods into the bone tissue of the gums. Implant dentures are cemented on to the titanium posts once the gums are healed.

How Affordable is Affordable Dental Care in Cancun?

Cost is perhaps the most important factor in decision-making when it comes to getting affordable dental bridges, or inexpensive dental implants abroad. Cancun Mexico is a great destination for affordable dental care

  • Affordable dentures in Cancun, Mexico are very much a reality as the dental prosthesis here are much lower than the prices quoted in the US and Canada.
  • Dental tourists can expect to save anywhere from 50% to 70% on what they would have paid in own country.
  • Low permanent denture costs in Mexico allow patients to get the dental care they need but can’t access in their own countries because of high costs.

Key Advantages of Affordable Permanent Dentures in Cancun

There are many major advantages of getting fixed dentures in Cancun.

  • The quality of dental services is on par with American standards. Cancun dental clinics provide the latest dental equipment and offer a variety of dental treatments.
  • Mexican dentists are highly trained and experienced in all kinds of dental procedures. Several dentists practicing in Mexico received their training in the United States.
  • Because of Mexico’s geographical proximity to the U.S., American citizens can save both money and time by opting for permanent dentures in one or two days in Cancun instead of traveling further abroad (to India, or Costa Rica for example).
  • No waiting times are an added bonus. Patients can get their dental procedure, as per their preference and convenience.

Take the next step with Taqtik!

Need more information on why Cancun Mexico is a great destination for affordable dental care? Or ready to take the next step? Contact us, or search through available dental packages on the Taqtik Marketplace!

Visit Cancun Pricing

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Taqtik tummy tuck procedures
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When diet and exercise won’t budge tummy fat

When diet and exercise won’t budge stubborn tummy fat, women are seeking out advice from cosmetic surgeons about the benefits of tummy tuck surgery.

Why get a tummy tuck?

Abdominoplasty, or a tummy tuck is a surgical procedure that removes excess fat and skin from the midsection and restores weakened muscles. The aim is to create a smoother, firmer stomach. Let’s be realistic. A tummy tuck will not give you sculpted abs but it can tighten your midsection. A flatter and more flattering is possible,  especially when it comes time to wear a bathing suit. Pregnancy and childbirth take their toll on our midsections and result in excess skin or flab. Many women have tummy tucks after considerable weight loss. More and more women are having their tummies tucked to reclaim their hour-glass figures. Ready to reclaim your feminine shape? When diet and exercise won’t budge stubborn tummy fat Abdominoplasty may be the right answer for you.

Prerequisites for tummy tuck surgery

A consultation with a qualified surgeon can assess your qualifications as a candidate for a tummy tuck. These are general guidelines:
  • You are not planning to get pregnant. Pregnancy can undo the benefits of abdominoplasty surgery so it is best to delay the procedure until after child birth.
  • Quit smoking. Patients are asked not to smoke cigarettes before or after surgery because it restricts oxygen to healing muscles. If you can’t completely quit for two or more weeks before or after the surgery, you may not be a good candidate for a tummy tuck.
  • Weight loss. Planning to lose more weight before having the surgery? Wait until you have achieved your weight loss goals before scheduling the procedure to maximize the benefits.
  • Medical history. Prepare you medical records to submit with your booking and disclose prescription or herbal medicines. Once reviewed, your surgeon will give their recommendation.
  • Scarring. Many women are concerned about the scar resulting from the surgery. A skilled physician may be able to hide the scar in an existing scar from a prior surgery or place it in an area that would be hidden by underwear or a bathing suit. Scars will fade over time but never completely disappear. Discuss your concerns with your surgeon.

Overview of the tummy tuck surgery

  • You will be administered either local anesthesia which numbs the localized area, or general anesthesia which put you to sleep. The procedure itself can last up to five hours depending on the amount of skin and fat being removed.
  • Your surgeon will make a horizontal incision in the area between your belly button and the pubic mound. The length of the incision depends on the amount of excess skin to be removed. The more skin that is being removed, the longer the incision, and vice versa. Excess skin is removed and the remaining skin is stitched together with sutures. The belly button may need to be removed and sutured back into place.
Post-surgery. After incisions are closed with sutures, adhesives, clips or tapes the surgical area is bandaged. You will remain in the clinic or hospital until the anesthesia wears off and you are discharged by your surgeon. You may need to stay overnight in the hospital or clinic.

Recovery after surgery

Recovery time varies depending on the patient. Your surgeon will give you post-operative recovery instructions.  Patients will usually be required to wear a compression bandage or garment immediately after surgery for a length of time recommended by your physician. Depending on your doctor’s instructions, there may be several days of bed rest followed by weeks of limited physical exercise.  Most certainly you will experience swelling, bruising and numbness. Once discharged you will be given a list of recommendations to follow. Post-operative care needs to be your primary focus so it’s important to make a plan and stick to it. General guidelines for recovery:
  • Wound care. Once discharged you will need to care for the bandage and wound, following your surgeon’s instructions.
  • Pain management. Immediately following the surgery, you will be sore and the surgical area will be swollen and bruised for up to three or even four weeks. The doctor may prescribe appropriate medication to alleviate any pain that you may be experiencing.
  • Your movement and physical exercise will be severely limited during the recovery and healing process. You will be provided with instructions about what you can and cannot do after the surgery. Plan to take time off from work – anywhere from two to four weeks, as your doctor advises.
  • Having a family member or friend travel with you or stay with you for several days will help the transition as you heal and regain movement and motion.
  • Removing sutures. Sutures used will be removed within seven to ten days after surgery to allow you time to properly heal.
  • Maintenance over time. After a few weeks you will notice a flatter and trimmer looking tummy. The results can be long lasting when patients maintain a healthy weight.

Possible Risks and Complications

Even though tummy tuck surgery is a fairly common cosmetic treatment, it is still surgery and carries with it risks and possible complications. While your surgeon will discuss your particular risks with you, here are some common problems that can occur:
  • Bruising, swelling and numbness around the surgical sites
  • Infection and bleeding
  • Blood pooling under the skin called a hematoma
  • Fluid pooling under the skin called seroma
  • Scarring
  • A negative reaction to the anesthesia
  • A belly button that needs re-centering or is aesthetically unpleasing (Check out the information about umbilicoplasty – often done at the same time as a tummy tuck)
When diet and exercise won’t budge stubborn tummy fat ask your doctor is you are a good candidate for surgery. They will advise you of general risk factors as well as those related to you and your health profile. You can minimize complications by following the advice of your surgeon, both before and after your abdominoplasty surgery.

Recovery time

In general, patients are advised to avoid vigorous exercise to allow the body time to recover and heal. Your post-surgery instructions will include guidelines about limitations on physical exercise. And you will be given a schedule of follow up visits either with the doctor who performed your surgery or your doctor at home if you have traveled for the procedure. It may take several months for your body to completely heal even though the results of the surgery will be visible almost immediately.  Return to your level of normal activity gradually per your doctor’s instructions. Trying to do too much too quickly can result in delayed healing or a more serious complication.

Remember to Follow Your Doctor’s Orders!

The most important thing to remember is your commitment to after care. Be sure to strictly follow the instructions from your surgeon and notify your healthcare provider if you experience any signs of infection or other health problems. This information does not take the place of medical advice given by your doctor but is provided for general informational purposes only. Discuss the specific details of your treatment with your physician.

Take the next step with us

When diet and exercise won’t budge stubborn tummy fat talk to us. Ready to talk with a doctor about scheduling your appointment? Contact us for more information, or browse available packages on our global Taqtik marketplace below.
Taqtik face and facelift procedures
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Sheree’s Face-lift Cosmetic Surgery Holiday

Sheree’s face-lift cosmetic surgery holiday was a leap of faith. The idea of a face-lift isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. A common concern about cosmetic surgery is that it will change the facial features that define you. That plastic surgery will make you look plastic and fake.

Sheree had all of these concerns, but she took the leap with Gorgeous Getaways and booked her face-lift with Dr Jalil in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Sheree’s Story

I was always open minded about plastic surgery but the idea of a face lift use to scare me as I used to think that I would hate if a surgeon changed my features. Over the last ten years I have seen Dr Jalil twice on NZ TV and I read about him in magazines. I was very impressed with his work, experience and how humble he came across on several programs.

A More Affordable Option

When I turned 50, I noticed the aging signs on my neck and eye lids. I decided to be brave and treat myself to a neck and eye lift and some liposuction. I knew I could not afford it in NZ and I trusted what I knew about Dr Jalil.

I booked myself in just before the new year and decided to go to Malaysia on my own, just to have proper rest and focus on healing and I was lucky, my family respected my decision of doing this on my own. I was totally impressed by the way I was met and the service I got from the moment I arrived in KL till the moment I left.

Client Service at it’s Best

Kumari, the PR nurse who looked after me was wonderful, she knows what she’s doing and she gives outstanding care. The nurses were outstanding and Dr Jalil’s work on my face is so natural and it took at least 10 years off my face. He is an excellent surgeon and I’m thrilled with my results. After my operation, I rested well for a good week and did so little then slowly during the second week, I started going out and experiencing Malaysia. I loved my experience and how Gorgeous Getaways looked after me.

The Results

It’s now exactly one month since I had my mini face lift and I’m back at work looking younger and enjoying it. My skin feels a bit tight but the doctor told me that, this feeling will last about 3 months before it all goes back to normal.

I highly recommend Dr Jalil and his team, I found them to be professional, experienced and they delivered exactly what I wanted. I had a very positive experience and I plan to go back to do some dental work. I’m glad I went on my own, it worked for me,I love my own company and I focused only on my healing rather than being touristic.



Sheree’s face-lift cosmetic surgery holiday experience is one of many case studies you can view here.

If you would like to know more about the face-lift procedure contact the TaqTik Health customer service team below or search for packages on the TaqTik Health Marketplace.



Taqtik breast augmentation
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Breast Augmentations and holiday destinations

Breast Augmentations in Phuket

Woman travelling to Phuket for Breast Augmentations enjoy fuller breasts and an idyllic holiday destination!

Breast Augmentation Plastic Surgery

A Breast Augmentation is a surgical procedure that increases the size of your breasts. The procedure gives breasts a fuller and more defined shape. During the procedure your surgeon inserts the breast implant behind the breast tissue through small incisions strategically placed to leave minimal scarring.

The Benefits of a Breast Augmentation

The Breast Augmentation procedure is popular with woman because it provides a major boost to self-confidence. Many Breast Augmentation patients have experienced tissue loss from pregnancy and breast feeding and want to gain back their pre baby femininity. Mothers who have spent years focusing on children find this procedure an immensely satisfying way to self indulge and to enjoy a well-deserved holiday.

Is a Breast Augmentation right for you?

When considering this procedure you should do your research and have a realistic expectation of results. If you’re in good physical and mental health then this procedure can work for you. Remember that although a Breast Augmentation will enhance your figure, it will not completely change it.

The surgical procedure

Patients are put under general anesthetic and require an overnight stay. Surgeons make an incision based on their recommendation as well as your preferences. Implants are placed beneath breast tissue. There are a variety of different sites that the incision is made.

  • Under the breast (infra-mammary). This incision is made in the crease between your breast and chest. Your surgeon will make the incision and a pocket for the implant to slide up and center behind the nipple. Infra-mammary incisions reduce visible scarring.
  • Around the nipple (peri-areolar). This incision is made between the dark areola and the breast skin around it. Your surgeon will make the incision and a pocked for the implant slide through and centre behind the nipple. Peri-areolar incisions reduce visible scarring.
  • In the arm pit (trans-axillary incision). This incision is made in the folds of your armpit tissue. Your surgeon will make the incision and a channel up to the breast for the implant to be positioned behind the nipple. Trans-axillary incisions place the scar completely away from the breast.
  • In the naval area (trans-umbilical). This incision is made on the rim of the navel. Your surgeon will make the incision and a tunnel through the subcutaneous fat layer, up to the breast for the implant to be placed behind the naval. Trans-umbilical incisions place the scar completely away from the breast.

Choosing your Breast Implant:

  • Silicone implants. This implant is the most popular choice among Breast Augmentation patients. Silicone has been used for implants for decades because it’s natural feel and appears in all sorts of daily beauty products like lipstick or anti-aging creams.
  • Saline Implants.  This material is made of a weak salt solution, which is similar to our own body fluids. Saline implants can fit through a smaller incision but can ripple and feel ‘squishy’
  • Shape and Size. You will discuss your choice in shape and size with your surgeon pre surgery. You can specify the shape, size and consistency of your implant depending on your desired result.

Why travel to Phuket for a Breast Augmentation?

Phuket has been a popular destination with hundreds of our clients because of the world class quality of care available in their hospitals. Surgeons are extremely well trained and many of them have graduated from American medical universities. Service packages to Phuket also include your own personal Medical Tourism Consultant. Long-time local Victoria will support you throughout your stay and show you the sights of Phuket while you’re there.

Before and After pictures

Gorgeous Getaways client Juanita traveled to Phuket, Thailand for her Breast Augmentation. It’s clear from these before and after pictures that Breast Augmentations can provide a natural looking improvement to the the shape, size and look of your breasts! You can see more before and after pictures of Breast Augmentation in Phuket here.

juanita before and after

breast aug before and after left

breast aug before and after front

Take the next step with Taqtik

If you have any questions about the Breast Augmentation procedure contact our customer service team here!

Get direct access to global health market with 1000’s packages in one place. Compare prices and destinations for Breast Augmentations here!


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