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Life Changing Cosmetic Surgery in Kuala Lumpur

New Zealander Lisa traveled to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia to undertake multiple life changing cosmetic surgery procedures with Dr Jalil. We follow Lisa’s journey from beginning to end, starting with an interview just 24 hours out of surgery from her hospital bed at Beverly Wilshire Medical Center. International Manager Paula Vernon chats to Lisa about how she feels just one day after her breast lift, breast augmentation, extended tummy tuck and thigh lift.

Taqtik Destination phillipines

Introducing Cosmetic Holidays Philippines



Taqtik International Manager Paula Vernon would like to introduce one of our newest Medical tourism partners, Cosmetic Holidays Philippines! Packages for this stunningly beautiful destination are now available on the Taqtik Marketplace.

Cosmetic Holidays Philippines provides medical tourists with unparalleled end-to-end services. They assist with every aspect of your holiday- finding the best doctors and health facilities, treatment, accommodation, a recovery holiday in their local destination of choice and post-treatment follow-up

This pioneering medical tourism agency is known for its outstanding service of facilitating clients to the Philippines for cosmetic dental and cosmetic care. The stunningly beautiful Philippines is known for world class surgeons, hospitals and accommodation.

Cosmetic Holidays doesn’t just offer surgeries from world-class doctors and top-notch medical centers, it offers luxurious beauty escapes!


Known for its completely customizable holidays. Clients can add as much, or as little as they wish. A complete package can include the following:

  • Transfer from airport to luxurious apartment (located next door to hospital)
  • Your personal assistant will walk you through the itinerary for your beauty getaway.
  • A fully stocked fridge awaits you at the apartment.
  • Clients are given a personal mobile phone with handy applications for ordering food, transport services or simply to contact their personal assistant.
  • After their procedure, medical tourists can decide to enjoy a well-deserved beach holiday in one of Cosmetic Holidays Philippines’ partner luxurious beach resorts.
  • Packages

As the team continue to work on putting the Philippines on the medical tourism map, Cosmetic Holidays Philippines is now widening the services and packages that it offers. They are now also providing a variety of procedures like regenerative treatments, hair transplants, mastectomy, executive check-up packages, dental and many more.

Cosmetic Holidays looks forward to welcoming you to the Philippines!

Taqtik Malaysia

Julianaa’s Medical Travel Tips!

For the past ten years Taqtik International Co-Ordinator Julianaa has been working with partners like Gorgeous Getaways who bring people froom all over the world seeking cosmetic surgery in Malaysia & Thailand. Julianaa is genuinely passionate about helping clients to achieve their personal dreams, and has learned a tremendous amount about medical travel. Julianaa shares her account of working in the travel industry, how to deal with nerves before surgery and what to expect when you travel with an experienced Taqtik partner like Gorgeous Getaways!



Meeting people from different backgrounds and cultures has always been a passion of mine. I get a lot of enjoyment from working with partners like Gorgeous Getaways on the frontline who help clients to co-ordinate their holidays.

When I started in this industry I had no idea that medical tourism would be such an amazing industry, and how much it means to the people who use it. It’s very rewarding working with amazing surgeons, nurses and clients.

Although I had read about cosmetic surgery nothing prepared me for the experience of working with patients and seeing the results with my own eyes.

The results I have seen from surgeons have been true works of art.

Our partners like Goreous Getaways bring clients from various backgrounds and different countries. Young or old, everyone had their own personal reasons for wanting surgery.

I have learned that whatever their reason, the point of the matter is, it was their journey, their desire and their reason to have it done. One should not be quick to judge.

In majority of the cases, some clients arrive with Gorgeous Getaways with some form of anxiety and excitement, which is completely natural. The healing process for each individual differs from person to person. Some faster than others. It all depends on whether they have any health issues and what kind of lifestyle they lead.

Julianaa’s Medical Travel Tips

  • Medical History- It is very important that you provide your surgeon with “all the details” regarding your health issues when filling out their forms. If you have had previous surgeries and had problems post-recovery let your surgeon know about it. This will give your surgeon a better understanding on how to help you best.
  • Ask Questions- Ask as many questions as you want during your pre-consult. It’s your right to do so, and it’s the surgeons obligation to answer all your questions. Prepare your list of questions before meeting.
  • Go Slow- Whatever procedure was proposed by your surgeon, you need to be 100% sure that it is what you want to have done as well. It’s always good, where possible to give yourself some time to think about it.
  • Be Sure- If you aren’t very sure about having the surgery done, for whatever the reason, then don’t. It’s always good to have it done once you are ready mentally and physically for this. The surgeon’s will always be there, no matter how long you take to decide.
  • Post recovery- Make sure you follow your surgeon’s advice. This is where you should once again ask him all your questions.

Questions to ask your Surgeon:

  • How long will it be before the swelling goes down?
  • Are there certain kinds of foods that will help the healing process?
  • What are the types of vitamins that are beneficial?
  • How soon can you start running or doing exercise?
  • What to look out for once you are back home?
  • Talk to your GP- Should you have a wound break-down after you return home, show your doctor a letter from the surgeon.
  • Hygiene- Make sure you wash your hands before applying any ointment to a wound. Hygiene is very important for wound healing and to prevent any infection. Do not at any time touch your healing wound with unwashed fingers, especially right after surgery during recovery.

I am very glad to be part of this industry of being able to work with great international partners like Gorgeous Getaways who help a person in my very small way. In the process, I got to meet some truly wonderful people. Wishing you all the very best in your journey.

Taqtik face and facelift procedures
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Sheree’s Face-lift Cosmetic Surgery Holiday

Sheree’s face-lift cosmetic surgery holiday was a leap of faith. The idea of a face-lift isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. A common concern about cosmetic surgery is that it will change the facial features that define you. That plastic surgery will make you look plastic and fake.

Sheree had all of these concerns, but she took the leap with Gorgeous Getaways and booked her face-lift with Dr Jalil in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Sheree’s Story

I was always open minded about plastic surgery but the idea of a face lift use to scare me as I used to think that I would hate if a surgeon changed my features. Over the last ten years I have seen Dr Jalil twice on NZ TV and I read about him in magazines. I was very impressed with his work, experience and how humble he came across on several programs.

A More Affordable Option

When I turned 50, I noticed the aging signs on my neck and eye lids. I decided to be brave and treat myself to a neck and eye lift and some liposuction. I knew I could not afford it in NZ and I trusted what I knew about Dr Jalil.

I booked myself in just before the new year and decided to go to Malaysia on my own, just to have proper rest and focus on healing and I was lucky, my family respected my decision of doing this on my own. I was totally impressed by the way I was met and the service I got from the moment I arrived in KL till the moment I left.

Client Service at it’s Best

Kumari, the PR nurse who looked after me was wonderful, she knows what she’s doing and she gives outstanding care. The nurses were outstanding and Dr Jalil’s work on my face is so natural and it took at least 10 years off my face. He is an excellent surgeon and I’m thrilled with my results. After my operation, I rested well for a good week and did so little then slowly during the second week, I started going out and experiencing Malaysia. I loved my experience and how Gorgeous Getaways looked after me.

The Results

It’s now exactly one month since I had my mini face lift and I’m back at work looking younger and enjoying it. My skin feels a bit tight but the doctor told me that, this feeling will last about 3 months before it all goes back to normal.

I highly recommend Dr Jalil and his team, I found them to be professional, experienced and they delivered exactly what I wanted. I had a very positive experience and I plan to go back to do some dental work. I’m glad I went on my own, it worked for me,I love my own company and I focused only on my healing rather than being touristic.



Sheree’s face-lift cosmetic surgery holiday experience is one of many case studies you can view here.

If you would like to know more about the face-lift procedure contact the TaqTik Health customer service team below or search for packages on the TaqTik Health Marketplace.




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