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Preventative Cancer Screening in Japan

Kameda Medical Centre in the Chiba Prefecture in Kamogawa City, Japan has invested in progressive preventative screening technologies that can detect cancer in the early stages. The Kameda Medical Center’s total body cancer examination utilizes PET-CT scanning and other diagnostic testing procedures to detect the early stages of malignancy in the body.
The benefits of preventative screening

The incidence of cancer rates worldwide is ever increasing, and across the globe people are seeking answers about the condition of their health. Regular screening helps to find cancers before symptoms appear. If affected cells are detected early, treatment is more effective and can save lives.

What is PET-CT?

PET-CT is an advanced imaging technology that can detect small cancers that may have been previously missed. Combining PET (positron emission tomography) and CT (computed tomography) technologies is a highly effective way to check for cancer. These technologies can identify high glucose consumption lesions and accurately represent anatomical details of the human body. The combination of these two technologies in one machine is the most modern approach to diagnostic imaging.

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What part of the body does a PET-CT check?

The PET-CT scan will capture images from the head to the upper portion of the lower limb checking for small cancers, inflammatory changes, degenerative changes and high glucose consumption including:

  • Lungs
  • Spine
  • Brain
  • Heart
  • Salivary gland
  • Lymphatic organs in the neck
  • Stomach
  • Kidney
  • Bladder
  • Bowels
  • Detects cancers 1cm or larger
  • Pinpoints exact position of cancer
  • Evaluate extent of cancer and whether benign or malignant
  • Examines entire body in one scan
  • Minimal discomfort with only one injection
  • May not detect cancers 1cm or smaller
  • The difference between inflammations and cancers can be unclear and may need further testing
  • Patients with high blood sugar levels may not obtain the correct results
About Kameda Medical CENTER

The Kemeda Medical Center includes Kameda General Hospital and Kameda Clinic, and treats approximately 3,000 outpatients every day. The center has a strong commitment to improving quality of life and attracts patients locally and from all corners of the globe. The Kameda Medical Center is located in Chiba Prefecture, east of Tokyo and is home to Japan’s busiest international airport. Chiba Prefecture features 10th– century temples, the Boso Peninsula– a the popular resort destination and the sprawling Tokoyo Disney Resort.

The next step

If you’re looking for answers and want to detect possible cancer cells before symptoms appear, regular screening is the best way forward. You can contact the Taqtik Health customer care team for more information or search available Kameda Medical Centre packages on the Taqtik Marketplace.

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Life Changing Addiction Treatment in Chiang Mai

Recovery from addiction is a hard and tiresome journey, so some with substance abuse problems choose to travel to new and exciting locations to seek treatment. The Cabin in Chiang Mai, Thailand provides expert led addition, trauma and behavioral health treatment. Located in a beautiful secluded mountain side location, The Cabin is a world away from everything that may have triggered you back home.

Causes of addiction

Addiction is a complicated condition, and there is never just one contributing factor. There are numerous commonalities in those with substance abuse disorders. Risk factors can include: Biological factors
  • Genes-genetics contribute to approximately half the risk for developing an addiction disorder. The brain’s ability to create dopamine, and the body’s hormonal response to stress can both play their parts in addiction.
  • Physiological factors-liver enzymes that metabolize substances can influence the risk of alcoholism.
  • Gender-research shows that males are more likely to develop substance abuse problems.
Psychological factors
  • Personality-impulsive and sensation seeking behavior have been linked to both substance use and gambling problems, this is particularly true when related to the risk of relapse.
  • Trauma and abuse-those who have experienced trauma or abuse often react to alarm or distress in a more extreme way, making it difficult to resist the relief that substances may temporarily provide.
  • Mental health-depression, anxiety, attention deficit disorders and post traumatic stress disorders can all be contributing factors in addiction.
Environmental factors
  • Family-risks are raised when a parent or sibling also has an addictive disorder. The same is true when there is little parental supervision or support. Divorce, sexual, physical or emotional abuse can also factor, as do child raising responsibilities.
  • Accessibility-repeated use is made easier if an addict has regular access to substances like alcohol and drugs in their community.
  • Peer group-those who are strongly influenced by their peers and seek acceptance (especially in adolescence) are more likely to adopt substance abuse if their friends are doing it too.
  • Employment-being in paid work, with responsibilities can often help to reduce the risk of addiction.

About The Cabin

The Cabin in an internationally recognized leader in behavioral and addiction treatment. Modern, innovative personalized treatments are available for substance addictions, process addictions, trauma, anxiety, gambling addictions, sex addictions and depression. The Cabin’s program completion rate is 96% making it Asia’s most respected rehabilitation center, with private accommodation, meals, addiction counselling sessions, fitness therapy, massage treatment and weekly excursions.

The Cabin’s addiction treatment method

The addiction treatment programs available at The Cabin are modern, intelligent and holistic. These programs are highly commended internationally and include:
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)-a psycho social method that helps to improve emotional regulation and personal coping strategies.
  • A 12 step program-explained in a series of workshops that use secular language, suited to the diverse background of patients.
  • Mindful meditation-helping to treat mental and emotional disorders that go hand in hand with addiction-like anxiety and depression.
  • Physical therapy-clients are provided with a customized fitness regime depending on their individual preference and requirements. Physical activities run at The Cabin include yoga, Pilates, personal training, mountain biking, aqua fitness and body combat classes.

About Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is a unique and beautiful land of misty mountains and colorful hill tribes. Located on the banks of the Ping River in a lush green valley, Chiang Mai was founded in the 13th century as the capital of the ancient Lanna Kingdom. Hundreds of elaborate Buddhist temples and remains of ancient walls and moats are a reminder of Thailand’s long and fascinating history. Find out more about the ancient city of Chiang Mai here.

Packages for addiction services like The Cabin are available through healthcare technology and medical tourism company Taqtik Health. Using the guidance of experienced medical experts can make it much easier to find the addiction service that is best for you. For more information contact the customer care team at Taqtik Health, or view available packages on the Taqtik Marketplace.

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10 Great Reasons to use a Medical Facilitator

Why book through a medical facilitator like Taqtik, rather than going direct to the hospital? Excellent question! Here are 10 great reasons why you should use a facilitator for your medical holiday.

Although price should never be your main consideration when making important decisions about your health, it’s something we are all concerned with! We have a special relationship with each of our Medical Facilitators. Our partners can get you the best local pricing, often cheaper than advertised internationally.

Our partners offer flexible travel arrangements. You can make your own booking, or they can arrange this on your behalf. Our facilitators are partnered with most travel programs and can get you excellent discounts! We do not mark up our travel services. This is complimentary.

We have been involved in medical tourism since 2004, with access to over 6000+ client testimonials, case studies, and referrals. Our consultants have personally traveled for surgery and can share their experiences. We know how to manage your medical holiday directly and we are not an agent looking for referrals.

Our partners have long-term relationships with surgeons and hospitals. It is important to understand a surgeon’s skills and choose a surgeon based on your individual needs. Surgeons move around. If you book direct with a hospital and need follow-up care, it may be difficult to locate the surgeon as they often change hospitals, even countries. Partners maintain relationships with hospitals and make sure you have continual communication with your surgeon if and when you need it, following surgery.

Our partners employ dedicated and experienced consultants that provide free consultation for as long as you need it. No question is too difficult to answer and they work hard to give you complete peace of mind before booking your medical holiday.

Our partners have experience in preparing clients for surgery. They provide a step by step guide to booking your procedures that includes:
• Itinerary – a day to day view of your appointments and schedule
• Payment and Receipt – we help process your payment directly to the hospital and provide confirmation of payments received to date
• Pre-departure Information: This is a very important document to read to answer all the small questions about your journey before you leave
• Consent forms – partners provide consent forms for your planned surgery outlining procedure and risks. You will be asked to sign these when you arrive that you agree with the procedure and risks. They are quite standard documents for any hospital and surgeon in the world, but of course if you don’t agree to the risks, then you should not have surgery and we can delay or cancel your surgery.

We have a state-of the art IT infrastructure that complies with global privacy laws. Our system is a collaboration of multiple technology partners that ensure complete client privacy from the moment of inquiry to follow up support. The system is designed to comply with HIPAA (USA), ATIP (Canada), NPP (Australia), HIPC (New Zealand), NHS (United Kingdom, and HST (South Africa), but is adaptable to suit the privacy requirement of all countries.

Most destinations offer a dedicated service manager who will look after you personally once you arrive. This will include arranging all transfers, appointments with surgeons, babysitting, or grocery shopping. (arrange in advance)

Once you arrive back home you may have additional questions. You are connected back to your consultant who booked your original surgery so they understand your original needs without having to explain. We also ask you to complete a survey as we want to continually improve. Your feedback is very important.

You are part of our family, and if interested are always looking for consultants. Share your experience with others and join our team!


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