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Natural Looking Results with Petite Plastic Surgery

Patrizia Barrueco from Taqtik explains more about the benefits of Petite Plastic Surgery, the latest in non-invasive, non-surgical treatments available in South Korea.
Worldwide demand is growing for aesthetic methods that provide a natural looking, but effective result. The Non-surgical anti-aging treatments included in Petite Plastic Surgery (micro-needling and regenerative therapy) can achieve an increasingly more popular natural look, in comparison to the drastic changes of a surgical face lift.
Micro-needle Therapy System (MTS)
A nature-friendly skin regeneration procedure, MTS induces the skin to regenerate cells on its own. During MTS treatment, tiny needles are used to cause physical damage and stimulate fibroblasts and induce collagen re-modelling. The body attempts to heal the damage, and this also creates pathways for drugs to more effectively penetrate the skin and induce skin regeneration. Micro-needles are attached to rollers to treat acne scars and enlarged pores.
  • Tightens pores
  • Moisturizes skin
  • Treating acne
  • Reduces appearance of acne scars, depressed scars and wrinkles.
Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)
During PRP therapy blood is spun at high speed and separates into blood cells, platelets and serum that contain an abundant amount of growth factors. PRP Therapy is a safe procedure that stimulates healing growth factors to be separated and concentrated. A specialized device (Prosys Kit) is used to inject the treated blood into the area of damage and stimulate skin regeneration.
The benefits of combining treatments
A combination of both MTS and PRP treatments are recommended for those who have reduced skin elasticity, fine lines, acne prone skin, acne scars or depressed scars. The treatment is carried out in the following steps.
  1. Blood is collected
  2. Blood is centrifuged
  3. PRP is extracted from blood
  4. Skin is disinfected
  5. MTS procedure is performed
  6. PRP is injected
  7. A soothing mask is applied
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If you have any comments or questions about Petite Plastic Surgery with VG Plastic Surgery in South Korea, please comment below. You can also contact me directly at Search for packages on the Taqtik Marketplace, request a firm quote or schedule a consult for when you’re on holiday!
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Men’s Rhinoplasty in South Korea

Patrizia Barrueco is a Partner Success Manager at TaqTik and works with leading healthcare providers around the world to ensure TaqTik members receive top services, quality and pricing. Patrizia shares with us her knowledge of the rhinoplasty procedure for men, available at VG Plastic Surgery Seoul, South Korea.

A harmonious balance between the nose and the rest of the face can instantly improve your appearance. Many men decide on the rhinoplasty procedure to look and feel more attractive, and for an instant boost in confidence.

Out of all the cosmetic surgical procedures available, a rhinoplasty can create the most visible changes to your appearance, so it’s essential to choose a plastic surgeon that you can trust. VG Plastic Surgery is widely recognized for the exclusive skills and experience of their team of cosmetic surgery team.

Men’s rhinoplasty VS women’s rhinoplasty

The forehead bones are more prominent in men than in women and in order to accentuate the T Zone, the bridge of the nose must be enhanced and lengthened in a straight line. At VG Plastic Surgery, surgeons will consider the overall harmony of the face, rather than a single area. Natural looking lines and shapes depend on all facial features: forehead, nose and chin.

Reasons for rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is recommended in the following cases:

  • The central part of the face appears depressed
  • A protruding mouth area that causing the patient to appear older
  • Correcting a protruding mouth without orthognathic surgery
  • Those who want to see a rapid improvement on their appearance
  • Those who want to make the shape between the nose tip and chin appear more balanced
Surgical procedures available

Rhinoplasty can correct and enhance the following issues:

  • Flat nose
  • Aquiline nose
  • Bulbous nose
  • Short nose
  • Crooked nose
  • Long nose
  • Ala reduction

A man’s rhinoplasty is performed to create a nose that extends in a straight line from the glabella to the tip of the nose. This creates a masculine and sophisticated look and can assist with both aesthetic and functional issues.


If you have any comments or questions about men’s rhinoplasty at VG Plastic Surgery in Seoul, South Korea please comment below or contact me directly at You can also request a firmquote or book an appointment to see a specialist when you are on vacation!

Taqtik liposuction procedures
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Body Contouring in Seoul, South Korea

A smooth, slim and firm body without any excess fat is the goal for many women thriving to look beautiful and feel younger. One of the most famous procedures of VG Plastic Surgery is the S Line Liposuction, that creates a natural-looking body shape based on the individual characteristics of each person.

The S Line Liposculpture is a procedure where unnecessary fat tissue underneath the skin or unwanted fat is suctioned out and removed. The goal is not to remove as much fat as possible, but it is to accentuate the beautiful curves of the body, in order to create a balanced and proportionate body shape.

About Accusculpt

The S Line Body Liposculpture at VG Plastic Surgery is performed with Accusculpt. This method is a dual-mode CO2 resurfacing laser that ensures high precisión during surgical procedures and very efficient in dissolving fat cells.

The Benefits of the S Line Liposculpture are:

  1. Overall Size Reduction
  2. Smooth Body without Bumpiness
  3. Minimal swelling and scarring
  4. Minimal damage to the surrounding tissues

Popular Applications Sites are:

  1. Thighs
  2. Abdomen, Love Handles and Other Areas
  3. Arms and Shoulders

This procedure is recommended for individuals who have:

  1. Fat build-up throughout the body
  2. Large amounts of fat in specific áreas such as the abdomen, thighs, calves and arms
  3. Cellulite or who want to re-sculpt their bodies
  4. A hard time losing weight in certain áreas such as love handles, no matter how hard they work out or want to shape their bodies in a short amount of time

Characteristics of the S Line Liposuction:

  • Duration: 30 mins. to 2 hours
  • Anesthesia: Local
  • Hospitalization: Not Required
  • Recovery period: 1 day
  • Suture Removal: 1-week post-surgery

While Visiting South Korea

Enjoy the best of Seoul visiting the Lotte Tower or exploring the Gyeongbok Palace and Temple… Or you can also spend the day at the Everland Theme Park, and later on go to the Nanta Show with culinary experts at the Myeongdong Theatre.   Get ready for an exciting medical journey and a memorable experience with VG Plastic Surgery!


I am a Partner Success Manager at TaqTik and work with leading healthcare providers to ensure TaqTik members receive top services, quality, and pricing. If you have any questions or comments, please leave me a note or contact me directly at

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rhinoplasty VG
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Personalized 3G Nose Design at VG Plastic Surgery

A common concern about rhinoplasty is that the results will look unnatural. That after surgery you won’t look like yourself anymore, and it will be brazenly obvious that you have had work done. At VG Plastic surgery in South Korea, they use state of the art 3D diagnostic equipment to ensure you end up with the ideal nose for the shape of your face.
Personalized nose design

At VG Plastic Surgery precise analysis are carried out along with diagnosis procedures, using 3D CT Scans prior to surgery.  The 3D CT equipment presents 3D images of the patient based on risks can be minimized, and accuracy enhanced during surgery. 3D imaging can identify problems that can’t be detected through a regular consultation.

Instead of creating the same nose design for every patient, VG Plastic Surgery performs an accurate analysis of each patient’s face shape to create the ideal nose.  Stylish nose shape accentuates attractive features and minimizes aesthetic flaws.

Overview of procedure

A 3D CT scan provides a detailed analysis of the size and shape of the nasal bone, the septal naval cartilage and the degree of curvature of the bone and/or cartilage. The surgeon then checks for enlargement of the inferior nasal concha, presence of implants and determine the implant type and any problems including:

  • Shape and size of septal nasal cartilage- the scan will determine if the patient is a good candidate for a rhinoplasty using the septal nasal cartilage.
  • Septal deviation- if the patient has septal deviation a resection can be performed at the same time as the procedure.
  • Width of the nasal bone- if deemed necessary a nasal bone width revision (nasal bone osteotomy) can be performed at the same time as the procedure.
  • Enlarged interior nasal concha- an enlarged interior nasal concha that causes nasal congestion can be remedied during the procedure.
Why choose a 3D rhinoplasty over regular a rhinoplasty?

More and more plastic surgeons are choosing to use 3D technology because it allows them to more accurately plan for a safer surgery. Patients of 3D technology are seeing better and more natural looking results.

General Medical ConsultationPre Op Analysis3D CT Analysis specifically for Rhinoplasty procedures
Difficult to determine the micro anatomical changes and characteristicsSurgical PlanCan stablish a more accurate surgical plan, based on a precise diagnosis achieved using CT scans
Difficult to carry out the procedure as oneSurgery outcomesEnsures a safe and predictable Rhinoplasty procedure

Difficult to determine the height and state of the implant that was used in the previous surgery

Corrective SurgeryCan determine the state of the implant and the anatomical structures (including presence of nasal septum) in advance for a more accurate operation
VG plastic surgery

The team at VG plastic surgery specializes in procedures for eyes, noses, breasts, facial contouring and anti-aging treatments. They offer a customized system that offers a safe, transparent and total recovery care package. The 3G imaging provided by VG plastic surgery allows for a short recovery period, less swelling and minimal bruising. For more information on 3G imaging contact the VG plastic surgery customer care team, or search for packages on the Taqtik Marketplace.

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Cosmetic Surgery in South Korea

South Korea has joined the multitude of Asian countries that are fast becoming world leaders in medical tourism.

In a world wide trend quest for health and well being, people everywhere are using cosmetic surgery to obtain the body they want. Across the world 20 somethings are wanting to make the most of their looks while they still have them! Middle aged women are wanting to go back to a time when they felt and looked their best. Everyone striving for the ultimate objective of leading a happy life.

vg foyer

VG Plastic Surgery, Seoul

VG Plastic Surgery in beautiful Seoul, South Korea, works with the most vanguard techniques and has a medical team of 6 doctors specialized in plastic surgery. Specialties include procedures for breasts, body, eyes, nose, facial contouring and anti-aging.  Their vast training and experience in the field can address any concerns and satisfy the expectations of valued patients.

Clients often return to  VG Plastic Surgery for the professionally customized procedures and skilled doctors. VG staff are able to communicate in five different languages-English, Japanese, Chinese, Russian and Vietnamese. They will also help you with hotel reservations, pick-up service and interpreter.


Dr Youngmim, St Mary’s Hospital, Seoul
Dr. Youngmin is the CEO, board certified plastic surgeon and adjunct professor at St. Mary’s Hospital’s plastic surgery department in Seoul.
Youngmin specializes in many areas including eyes, rhinoplasty, breasts, body, anti aging, and face contouring. The team at St Mary’s aim to provide patients with wonderful experience, and one that they will remember as one of the best choices they’ve ever made. Seoul in South Korea is a superb destination where you can combine your treatment with a relaxing and comfortable vacation.
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Cosmetic Surgery Tax Refund in South Korea

One of the great benefits of visiting South Korea is the Value-Added Tax Refund (VAT) for foreign tourists. You can get back from 8% to 10% for everything you spend after availing more than KRW $ 30,000 (USD $ 250).

The VAT also applies for Cosmetic Surgery with VG Plastic Surgery, the top specialists in Seoul who can guarantee the best results !  They are awareded by LBMA (Luxury Brand Model Awards) in the Beauty and Plastic Surgery Category, so definitely they are your best choice in Seoul.


You can pick from many different procedures, among others:
– Double Eye Lid (Blepharoplasty)
– Face Lift
– Facial Bone Countouring
– Breast Surgery
– Anti-Aging
– Hair Transplant
– Rhinoplasty
– Liposuction

Is the Refund Process easy ?
1) After receiving the service from VG Plastic Surgery, you will get a receipt.
2) At the airport, show your passport, receipt, and credit card.
3) Get your VAT back in 7-14 days.

Are you eligible for the Cosmetic Surgery Tax Refund ?
1) All people who depart from Korea within 3 months from the date of their cosmetic treatment.
2) Foreign tourists who have stayed for less than six months in the country.

Paying your Cosmetic Procedure in cash
If for any reason, patients refuse to get a tax refund and pay by cash, VG Plastic Surgery can provide you with more discount !

Take advantage of these benefits and make your dreams come true with VG Plastic Surgery  !

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Choosing South Korea for your Medical Journey

It comes with little surprise that some of the world’s leading companies are located in the vibrant city of Seoul. VG Plastic Surgery is one of those, and it is your best choice when looking for Breast Augmentation as well as other cosmetic procedures.

VG Plastic Surgery offers Breast Augmentation taylored to your body by creating fuller breasts that appear smooth and move naturally, as if they are your own breasts. This is done by making a thorough assessment to select the most suitable implants and insert them accurately using an HD endoscope. And based on their Specialists abundant experience, you can expect the best results !

Here are the three surgical procedures by implant location:
a) Below the Breast Tissue
b) Below the Chest Muscles
c) Biplanar Location

These surgical procedures are performed by three methods:
a) Incision in the armpits
b) Incision in the Areola Area
c) Incision under the Breasts

We recommend to take advantage of your journey, and take some days before your surgery just to enjoy South Korea’s historic landmarks, as well as their futuristic modernity with its innovative structures. Earlier this year, Seoul proudly opened the world’s fifth largest skyscraper piercing majestically out of the ground overlooking the Han River.

With a long history dating back over a thousand years, you can stand in awe of some of the most significant cultural heritage sites of the country, such as the Gyeongbokgung Palace, and you can also find traditional hanok house neighborhoods with lovely teahouses that have been in existence for decades.
Due to South Korea being a peninsula, the country offers miles and miles of stunning beaches.   Along beautiful islands, like the most popular and largest: Jeju Island which is one of the most visited destinations thanks to its exceptional natural wonders and breathtaking beaches.

Treat yourself and enjoy the benefits of Breast Augmentation with VG Plastic Surgery

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Benefits of Facial Contouring in South Korea

Facial contouring, also known as facial sculpting, is an elective cosmetic surgical procedure that improves the general appearance of the face. It is an emerging trend and its goals are to improve the proportion of the face and all facial features, as well as make the face generally smaller. It can make a person’s facial features look more balanced as well as improve facial outline.

VG Plastic Surgery’s goal is to make the contours of your face softer and more feminine, enhance your appearance and make you look younger – There are several procedures to choose according to your needs:

Zygoma Reduction Surgery reduces the overall size of the face by removing the protruding cheekbones and soften the facial contours, which helps achieve a youthful appearance.

  • Square Jaw Reduction smoothes out a flat and angular face.  If the jaw bones are well-developed, mandibular ostectomy or cortical osteotomy can be performed to slim down the face
  • The V-Line Chin Surgery involves not only correcting the shape of the chin, but creating a smooth and slim V-line, taking in consideration the overall contours of the face.
  • Volumizing Forehead can help you gain a plump and a three-dimensional-face and the facial features more defined.
  • Short Chin Implant Surgery creates a balanced appearance with a custom-made implant – This procedure is performed if you have a small or retruded chin to créate more volumen.  With a right size implant the facial contours will appear more natural and defined.
  • Front Cheekbone Surgery adds volumen to achieve more youthful and vibrant looks. The área below the eyes and next to the nose is of paramount importance.

  • Paranasal Augmentation creates a secret image transformation !  Implants are inserted into the laugh lines to make the face appear more three-dimensional and youthful with enhanced volume.

Make your dreams come true with facial countouring with VG Plastic Surgery ! If you have any questions about my partner VG Plastic surgery, their procedures please feel free to connect with me on the marketplace. 

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Plastic Surgery in South Korea

VG Plastic Surgery is an approved medical institution registered as Ministry of Health and Welfare to promote international patients. They endeavor to provide top-quality and vanguard techniques for Eyes, Nose, Breast, Body Surgery, Facelift and Anti-Aging. Their specialized surgeons have extensive experience and skills who believe that achieving a harmonized beauty is possible, and their main goal is to bring out and enhance this natural beauty.

NoseSurgery with 3D Imaging

3D CT-Scans provide customized design considering overall facial feature and function aspect, so potential results can be viewed. This imaging is a pathway for constructive communication between surgeon and patient, and because the face is the foundation for communications and interactions, it is important the effect any surgery may have on our appearance. Since our nose is the center of the face and the most prominent part, a defined nose is a beautiful nose.

Bling Eye Surgery

This is an integrated eye surgery procedure for beautiful and well-defined eyes, and surgery can be performed to correct the size, creases, etc. that do not seem to match one’s face and image. Eyelid Surgery is the most basic part of creating a beautiful eye-shape and the muscle that lift the eyelids can be corrected to make our eyes appear more awake. Canthoplasty can be performed as well, to widen or lengthen the eyes to make them appear larger and more prominent. When assessing facial attractiveness, the eyes play a major role!

Patient Care

Focused on a safe-surgery system, they derive highly satisfactory results. Patient safety first is an important element of an effective, efficient, and purposeful health care system where quality prevails. Along with a great patient care, they ensure a wonderful experience, that will guarantee a memorable and exciting journey. VG Plastic Surgery is definitely a great choice.


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