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Would your Breasts pass the Ptosis Test?

Victoria Pakohomova is a Beauty Vacation Adviser for Taqtik. She shares with us some information about a common problem with clients who travel for cosmetic surgery- ptosis. This condition is more commonly referred to as breast sagging, and here she walks us through a test to see if your breasts pass the ptosis test…

Hi beautiful Ladies, Victoria here with the ptosis test! Clients often want to know why their surgeon has recommended a breast lift, along with the breast augmentation they had originally booked. They send in pictures of their breasts and are surprised when doctors recommend a lift due to ptosis (breast sagging). Today I will help you to decide whether you too suffer from ptosis, and what can be done!

Common causes of ptosis
  • Childbirth and breastfeeding.
  • Bodyweight fluctuations- especially after losing a lot of weight in the short period.
  • Genetics.
  • Hormonal fluctuations.
  • Implant removal.
  • Aging.
  • Gravity- yes! The power of gravity influences breast tissue and inevitably pulls it down based on the laws of nature.
The breast ptosis test

Let us have a personal test on our breast condition.

Ideally the nipple should a few centimetres above the inframammary crease (the crease just under your breast where they meet your chest).

  1. Take off your bra and stand in front of the mirror.
  2. Place a ruler in the crease, where the breast and ribcage meet.
  3. Let your breasts hang over the ruler
  4. If your nipples are less than three centimetres above the ruler you may have ptosis.
  5. If you don’t have ptosis but aren’t happy with size – can just proceed with breast augmentation.
  6. If you don’t have ptosis but aren’t happy with size- a breast lift may be required.

Breast ptosis stages.

First degree ptosis- the nipple is at or slightly below the infra mammary fold, then you may be able to have a breast augmentation without internal lifting.

Second degree ptosis- the nipple is one-three centimeters below the fold. You are a candidate for lifting with or without implants.

Third degree ptosis– the nipple is lower than three centimeters. These cases are candidates for breast lift or even a super breast lift with or without implants.

Ladies, if you do find that you have breast ptosis it’s not a problem! There are multiple destinations available on the Taqtik marketplace that can help with breast augmentations and breast lifts.

And the result from MY test? First degree breast ptosis, which is not surprising after four years of breastfeeding, body weight fluctuations and aging!


If your planning to travel for cosmetic surgery and you want some information on the great medical options available at Taqtik, please leave me a comment below, or email me directly at


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Miss Grand Phuket visits Phuket Plastic Surgery Clinic

Victoria Pakohomova is a Beauty Vacation Adviser for Taqtik clients travelling to Phuket, Thailand. On one of her regular visits to Phuket Plastic Surgery Clinic she had the opportunity to meet the beautiful Tharina Botes- Miss Grand Phuket 2019!

One rainy Phuket May morning I had arrived at the hospital to a crowd of video operators and photographers. It took me a moment to realize that all this attention was not for me! It was for a beauty queen. She was the tall, slender and amazingly beautiful Miss Tharina Botes, winner of Miss Phuket 2019.

23-year-old Tharina is half South African and half Thai. After making it to the final few contestants in the Miss South Africa contest a year ago, she came back to Thailand to realize her dream. She earned the Miss Grand Phuket crown this year in May, and next year she will compete for the Miss Grand Thailand competition. Tharina is now Phuket’s most adored person, and in my opinion a nice, open minded and warm woman.

But what she is doing in Plastic Surgery Clinic? Marketing for Phuket Plastic Surgery Clinic (PPSI)? Yes, but not only that, she came to improve her beauty with a breast augmentation!

Even the beautiful and successful are eager for a better breast shape and more womanly proportions. Miss Phuket had chosen Doctor Sanguan as the best breast professional, and the result was even better than she expected. Tharina had a quick recovery, no pain and fantastic service from the hospital team. This service has proven to be the same for all clients, regardless of whether they are a Beauty Queen or not. Miss Grand Phuket was able to return to normal active life and amazing photo sessions just a few days after the procedure.

You can find out more about Tharina and her recovery on Instagram- @tharinabotes or view her PPSI interview video here.

Tharina shows us just how easy it is follow your dreams,  improve your quality of life, and become more self-confident and happy you.

If your planning a trip to Phuket and you want some information on the great medical options here, please leave me a comment below, or email me directly at
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Transgender and Breast Procedures in Phuket

Victoria Pakohomova is a Beauty Vacation Adviser at Taqtik in Phuket, Thailand. Plastic surgeons in Phuket are increasingly in demand, so Victoria is sharing her knowledge of the surgeons at Phuket Plastic Surgery Institute (PPSI) beginning with the director of Phuket Plastic Surgery Institute (PPSI) Dr. Sanguan.
Gender reassignment surgery

Thailand is well known in the world for its transgender tolerance. Gender reassignment surgeries (GRA) are accepted in Buddhism as a normal human right. GRA surgeries have a long and successful history in Thailand, and transgender patients from all over the world travel here for this life-changing procedure. One of the most respected and world-recognized surgeons that specialize in this area is Dr. Sanguan Kunaporn- the Director of PPSI.

Dr Sanguan graduated from Bangkok Medical University in 1984 with a Surgeons Diploma, then worked and studied in plastic surgery from 1988 to 1991. His practical experience in Aesthetic surgery has continued for over 28 years and Dr Sanguan is renowned as an innovative specialist in GRA and mammoplasty procedures.

Breast procedures

Thousands of women have enjoyed amazing results after their breast reconstruction, revision, reduction, lift and augmentation surgeries. Dr. Sanguan regularly takes on challenging and complex cases previously rejected by other clinics or surgeons. He also ensures that scars are thin and small, becoming almost invisible with time.

I especially love working with Dr. Sanguan because of his thoughtful and warm approach with clients and his attention to detail. His main motivation is to meet his client’s expectations and will always discuss his surgical methods and possible outcomes in detail.

Dr Sanguan believes that the beauty in breasts is not in their size, but in their harmonious shape. The curves of the breast should be relevant to a woman’s height, weight and body shape. During the consultation, he uses computer simulation programs for visualization of the surgery results, giving the patient various options. Dr Sanguan’s patients are consistently happy with their results and and recommend him as the best surgeon for mammoplasties. I would highly recommend booking a surgery vacation with Dr. Sanguan at least six months in advance due to his busy schedule.

Because Dr. Sanguan is such an easy-going person, and always eager to help, you’ll feel comfortable asking him as many questions as you need. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to write down and I can refer them to Dr Sanguan, one of the world’s best breast surgeons.

If your planning a trip to Phuket and you want some information on the great medical options here, please leave me a comment below, or email me directly at
phuket low season

5 Reasons to Book your Phuket Healthcare Vacation in the Low Season

Hi, this is Victoria Pakohomova from Taqtik and I have has been working and living in Phuket Thailand for the last seven years. Living in Phuket all year round, gives me the opportunity to work with great healthcare partners like Phuket Plastic Surgery and many others. Phuket, in both low and high seasons, has given me a unique insight into when to travel there and why. Medical travelers often opt to visit during the high season to avoid rains and typhoons, but here’s a better option…

The calendar year in Phuket is divided into high and low seasons.  Normally, the high season lasts from October to March and low from May to September. The question is What about April? It is a separate story, come back to it in the end. Seasonality is determined by weather conditions and wind direction. In high season, the wind blows from the east, and the west coast sea (where are all bathing beaches are located) is calm, smooth and safe. 

victoria phuket beach

Sunny weather is more or less guaranteed, and if suddenly rain starts, it doesn’t last long and the hot sun is back again. In the beginning – in the middle of May, the direction of wind changes, wavy weather starts, rib currents happen often, the probability of rains and typhoons increases significantly. That said, there are advantages in traveling to Phuket for healthcare in low season (based on the experience of seven years of living in Phuket)

  1. Significantly less quantity of tourists– even ex-pats and those who come to stay to Phuket during winter in their country of residence leave the island during low season. You will enjoy deserted beaches, romantic sunsets, places of interest and breath-taking viewpoints without crowds of people.
  2. Temperature– In low season sweat won’t pour from your face and body, because the air temperature is not 32-35, but 25-30. And during the recovery process, you are breathing in fresh sea air rather than chilling in the room with aircon. Of course, there is a risk of rain, but it normally rains lasts from 1- to 2 hours, refreshes the air and again and is replaced by the sun.
  3. Price- You will be amazed by prices for accommodation, car rental and hotels during low season. For example: a room in a luxury hotel cost THB 1500 -2000 per night in low season, while the regular price for the same room in the high season could be just TBH 8,000 – 12,000. The service will be the same, the hotel half empty and you save a huge sum. Even restaurants have more discounts, promotions and interesting offers.
  4. Fruit- the low season is the season of many exotic fruits like mango, mangosteen, lychee, rambutan, sugar apple, longan, santol and, of course, the Thai king of fruits – nasty smelling Durian fruit. About 5-7 sorts of juicy mango and durian at dirt cheap prices and a maximum level of vitamins! Great support in the healing process after surgery.
  5. Exercise- If the partner, traveling with you is an active person – it is a great time to try surfing or kiting, waves and wind are perfect at that time of the year. It is also a perfect time to travel with kids too because of different summer camps in international schools, wake parks, surf schools. Children will find themselves in a multinational environment, find new friends, improve physical shape due to various sports activities and English or French language skills. It is impossible during the high season during the educational process at schools.

So welcome to Phuket! The paradise island for beauty vacations with highly professional and experienced surgeons.

And coming back to April…it is in between high and low seasons: still no waves, rip currents and rains, but it is very hot. Extremely hot and humid. Not recommended. Just believe a person with 7 years of living experience at Phuket

victoria phuket pool

So, if your planning a trip to Phuket and you want some information on the great medical options here, please leave me a comment below, or email me directly at



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