Benefits of Facial Contouring in South Korea

Facial contouring, also known as facial sculpting, is an elective cosmetic surgical procedure that improves the general appearance of the face. It is an emerging trend and its goals are to improve the proportion of the face and all facial features, as well as make the face generally smaller. It can make a person’s facial features look more balanced as well as improve facial outline.

VG Plastic Surgery’s goal is to make the contours of your face softer and more feminine, enhance your appearance and make you look younger – There are several procedures to choose according to your needs:

Zygoma Reduction Surgery reduces the overall size of the face by removing the protruding cheekbones and soften the facial contours, which helps achieve a youthful appearance.

  • Square Jaw Reduction smoothes out a flat and angular face.  If the jaw bones are well-developed, mandibular ostectomy or cortical osteotomy can be performed to slim down the face
  • The V-Line Chin Surgery involves not only correcting the shape of the chin, but creating a smooth and slim V-line, taking in consideration the overall contours of the face.
  • Volumizing Forehead can help you gain a plump and a three-dimensional-face and the facial features more defined.
  • Short Chin Implant Surgery creates a balanced appearance with a custom-made implant – This procedure is performed if you have a small or retruded chin to créate more volumen.  With a right size implant the facial contours will appear more natural and defined.
  • Front Cheekbone Surgery adds volumen to achieve more youthful and vibrant looks. The área below the eyes and next to the nose is of paramount importance.

  • Paranasal Augmentation creates a secret image transformation !  Implants are inserted into the laugh lines to make the face appear more three-dimensional and youthful with enhanced volume.

Make your dreams come true with facial countouring with VG Plastic Surgery ! If you have any questions about my partner VG Plastic surgery, their procedures please feel free to connect with me on the marketplace. 

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