breast reduction

Breast reduction reduces pain and increases confidence

While thousands of women seek cosmetic procedures for a fuller cleavage, many want to reduce their size with breast reduction surgery. Breast hypertrophy (over sized breasts) can cause severe muscle pain and long-term health issues that can be significantly improved with surgery. Medical tourism agency Gorgeous Getaways has helped hundreds of women to plan breast reduction surgery, with award winning medical facilities in Phuket, Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur.
Difficulties caused by breast hypertrophy
Under the strain of heavy over sized breasts routine activities can become painful and uncomfortable. Women can also find their professional and social lives impacted, as they become targets for unwanted attention and even harassment because of the size of their breasts. Common problems include:
  • Neck, shoulder and back pain
  • Discomfort from straining bra straps
  • Rashes under the breast
  • Difficulty finding large bra sizes and clothes
  • Headaches
  • Numbness or tingling in the fingers
  • Unwanted attention
  • Self-consciousness
  • Depression
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Loss of confidence
  • Difficulty exercising
Breast reduction surgery
Breast reduction surgery aims to remove breast fat, tissue and skin to create smaller, firmer and lighter feeling breasts. Once the breasts have had time to settle (approximately two months) they will be rounder in shape and easier to manage. As well as alleviating health problems, a breast reduction will create a more proportional body shape and symmetrical breasts. Surgeons can change the firmness and shape of the breast, and even reduce areola size. Often patients will receive liposuction to the hips or stomach for a more balanced overall result.
Preparation for surgery
Your consultation with a cosmetic surgeon will include questions about medical history and current medications. It is important to be completely honest about every aspect of your health so the surgeon can decide on the best and safest surgical plan. Before booking your surgical consult remember to:
  • Provide accurate and honest medical information
  • Research benefits and risks of procedure
  • Prepare a list of questions and concerns
  • Clarify your expectations- tell the surgeon exactly what you expect from the results.
Overview of breast reduction procedure
Directly before surgery your doctor will make markings on the breast indicating where the incisions will be made. Markings will be around and above the areola, below the nipple and underneath the breast crease. During the procedure the surgeon removes excess tissue and overstretched suspensory ligaments before transposing the areola to higher position. The surgery will be carried out under general anesthetic and you will be required to stay overnight at the hospital. After the surgery stitches remain around the areola and nipple, underneath the nipple and under the breast.
Recovering from breast reduction surgery
Every individual will experience recovery differently, with varying levels of bruising and swelling. A surgical bra and prescribed pain relief will help to ease discomfort, but Asprin must be avoided as it can increase the risk of bleeding. Heavy lifting may cause swelling and pressure in the breasts, so is to be avoided for at least one month, although patients are able to return to other day to day activities within three weeks.
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