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Carol Jumps to the Front of the Queue for Knee Replacement

Carol had been on the wait list for knee surgery in Canada for months. With class four arthritic knees, the pain had become so severe that she could hardly walk. Although Canada’s public health system covers the cost of knee surgery, Carol decided to jump to the front of the queue and travel to Mexico for a knee replacement through medical facilitator My Orthopedic Vacations.
Carol’s story
After witnessing the success of her husband’s knee replacement surgery through My Orthopedic Vacations (MOV), Carol decided to talk to her doctor about the possibility of surgery for herself. The doctor quickly recognized her need for a knee replacement and placed her on a wait list for surgery. When the simple task of walking became too painful to bear, Carol decided not to wait. She booked an orthopedic vacation through MOV and traveled to Cancun, Mexico for new knees. One of Carol’s biggest concerns about visiting a hospital in Mexico was cleanliness. But when she arrived at Playamed Hospital in Cancun, she was immediately relieved to find a spotless and exceptionally clean facility. Carol found her orthopedic surgeon to be top class and after the surgery was introduced to her own physiotherapist Cynthia. She was taken through stretches to help recovery and had regular TENS machine treatment to help with healing. Carol was more than satisfied with her accommodation at the hotel Laquita with every facility needed for relaxation and recovery- including a pool and a hot tub. The hotel was located close to everything and MOV would take Carol and her husband wherever they wanted to go, whenever they wanted to go there. View Carol’s full interview with My Orthopedic Vacations here.
“I’d just like to say to people in Canada that this has been an exceptional experience. If they are waiting on the list in Canada and want to get their knees done sooner, talk to My Orthopedic Vacations and improve your quality of life. I want to do so much more in my life, and this was one way to help me do that.”
Carol, Canada.
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For more information on knee replacement surgery contact Taqtik today at, request a quote or book a consultation for when you take your next vacation to Cancun, Mexico!
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Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment in Mexico

Patrizia Barrueco is a Partner Success Manager at TaqTik and works with leading healthcare providers in Mexico to ensure TaqTik members receive top services, quality and pricing. Patrizia shares with us her knowledge of platelet rich plasma treatment available at PR Medica in Los Cabos, Mexico: San Jose & Cabo San Lucas.

The restorative properties of platelet rich plasma treatment are popular with patients looking for an alternative to treatments that use foreign substances, surgical or highly invasive procedures.

What is platelet rich plasma?

Platelet rich plasma (PRP) is a powerful growth substance obtained from a person’s own blood. When reintroduced to the body, it can be an effective method to stimulate your body’s natural growth processes for tissue regrowth. You may consider a treatment with PRP for:

  • PRP facial rejuvenation
  • PRP hair restoration
  • PRP sexual enhancement
  • PRP orthopaedic treatment

PRP is used to address aesthetic concerns and minimize the signs of aging. It may also be used to stimulate hair growth and rejuvenate sexual arousal. PRP can be also used as an injection for orthopedic concerns by stimulating tissue regrowth to reduce pain and enhance mobility.

What to expect from treatment?

Platelet rich plasma treatment starts with harvesting PRP. While this may sound intimidating, it is a relatively simple process.

  • A traditional blood draw will be performed, and the sample is then spun in a special centrifuge. This centrifuge isolates the golden plasma substance and it is prepared for an injection.
  • Once PRP is obtained, it is delivered to a treatment area in a variety of methods. It may be administered via injection, or in combination with a micro needling device. This treatment causes minimal discomfort.
  • PRP treatment results vary for each person. However, it is important to know it may take some time to see initial results as your body responds to the growth factors. A series of treatments may be recommended to achieve the best results.
Who is a good candidate?

One of the most exciting aspects of PRP is how many people may be able to benefit from this treatment option. As it uses substances obtained from your own body, this helps reduce risks associated with treatment and makes it a good choice for most generally healthy adults.

PRMedica is your best choice for PRP treatment, along with many others like Ozone Therapy, Chelation, IV Infusions (Myers Cocktail), Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Health Check Ups, etc.

If you have any comments or questions about PRP at PR Medica in Mexico please comment below or contact me directly at You can also request a firm quote from Taqtik or book an appointment to see a surgeon when you are on vacation in Mexico!

alicante spain

Knee Surgery in Alicante, Spain

QuironSalud Medical Care in Spain gives patients access to specialized services in Orthopedics Surgery and Traumatology and advanced techniques for minimally invasive surgery. The knee unit at  Hospital QuoronSalud Torrevieja is a leader in sports pathology treatment with comprehensive diagnostic and treatment techniques available.
Hospital Quoronsalud Torrevieja

Hospital Quoronsalud Torrevieja in Alicante Mexico has developed a reputation as a multidisciplinary center of the highest standard. The center is recognized throughout the health industry for it’s sophisticated diagnostic equipment and advanced treatments.

Almost half of the patients at the Torrevieja hospital are international, and qualified interpreters are available free of charge. The translator service covers 15 different languages including English, French, German, Dutch, Norwegian Russian, Italian and Arabic.

Orthopedic surgery techniques

The Hospital QuoronSalud Torrevieja specializes in both arthroscopic and open surgery.

Arthroscopic surgery includes:

  • Meniscectomy- arthroscopy and radiofrequency treatments (Arthrocare, Vulcan, Serfas) used for meniscal lesions.
  • Meniscal sutures.
  • Meniscal transplants.
  • Ligamentous plasty in fractures of anterior or posterior cruciate ligament associated or not to meniscal lesions
  • Treatment of cartilage pathology with radiofrequency (Arthrocare, Vulcan, Serfas)
  • Treatment of Rotulian Pathologies by arthroscopy
  • Treatments with PRP (Plasma Rich in Platelets). PRP is an autologous preparation, non-toxic, non-allergenic, obtained by the centrifugation of the patients blood. This treatment is aimed to accelerate bone repair by strengthening the quality of the bone formed (osteogenesis). PRP can also induce premature healing of the wounds, increasing the revascularization (angiogenesis) and stimulating the synthesis and differentiation of the precursor cells.

Open surgery includes:

  • Total knee arthroplasty in patients with severe osteoarthritis with the implantation of a fixed-plate prosthesis as a mobile plate.
  • Revision arthroplasties in patients with failure of a primary prosthesis.
  • Partial partial or bi-compartment arthroplasties.
  • Femoropatellar arthroplasties.
  • Realignments of extensor patella apparatus both proximally and distally.
  • Varieting and / or valgizing osteotomies.
  • Fracture Treatment.

knee surgery

Torn meniscus treatment

A torn meniscus is a common sports injury because it is caused by the forceful twisting of knee joint. When the knee cartilage (meniscus) is torn and the body provides an inflammatory response. Swelling and fluid accumulation makes day to day movements more difficult. It may be painful to fully extend or straighten the knee. As an essential cushion to your thighbone and shin bone, it is important that it is repaired to reduce the possibility of pain and discomfort. The treatment for a torn meniscuc is dependent on the severing of the tear.

  • Partial meniscectomy- trims away the torn area and smooths the injury site
  • Total meniscectomy- removes the whole meniscus

To find out more information about Orthopedics with Hospital QuoronSalud Torrevieja and for the best quality and pricing please contact me directly at

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hip replacement

Hip Joint Replacement Surgery in Cancun, Mexico

One of the most common problems faced by the world’s aging population, is the deterioration of joints. One of the most vulnerable joints in our body is the hip joint, and will often need surgical interventions like A total hip joint replacement that removes the impaired hip joint and replaces it with an artificial joint. My Orthopedic Vacations offers a full concierge service to patients wanting to travel to Cancun, Mexico for ORTHOPEDIC surgery. A holiday where you will return home rested, REVITALIZED and feeling truly brand new with your brand-new hip!
Why do hip joints need replacing?

In a healthy hip joint, smooth cartilage will cover and protect the end of the thigh bone and the socket in which the ball of the thigh bone sits. Healthy cartilage will cushion the ball and allow it to glide easily into it’s socket and move freely. One of the most common causes of hip joint deterioration is osteoarthritis. Cartilage becomes damaged and worn, and eventually the bones within the joint rub together becoming roughened, and sometimes even broken. Damaged hip joints can cause sever hip pain and stiffness, and everyday movements like walking, climbing stairs or getting out of a chair become almost increasingly difficult.

What’s involved in hip joint replacement surgery?

During the hip joint replacement surgery, your orthopedic surgeon will make a cut over the side of your hip and remove the affected bone. The bone is then replaced with an artificial joint (taking approximately two hours). Minimally invasive techniques can be applied by making several very small cuts instead of one long one and using specialized surgical instruments. These techniques will result in less blood loss, reduced pain and faster healing. During the surgery patients are given general anesthetic, or a local epidural pain killer which allows the patient to remain conscious and experience a faster recovery.

Recovering from hip replacement surgery

Recovering from a hip replacement generally takes about four to six months. It’s recommended that patients undergo physical therapy and strengthening exercises for the time it takes for their bodies to get used the new joint. Adjusting and restricting movements may be necessary like:

  • Avoid crossing legs and ankles
  • Avoid bending down low
  • Avoid lifting heavy objects
  • Avoid twisting hip movements
  • Avoid lying on side of hip replacement
  • Lie with a pillow between legs
  • Avoid standing for long periods of time
  • Sit in a firm chair that has arm rests
  • Be mindful of abrasions on the hip to avoid infection
Why travel with My Orthopedic Vacations?

A medical tourism facilitator like My Orthopedic Vacations provides a bridge between orthopedic patients in their home country, to orthopedic surgeons in Cancun, Mexico. The logistics are taken care of, so you can concentrate on your procedure and your recovery. Private airport, hotel and hospital transfers are included in every package as well as follow up care when you arrive home. My Orthopedic Vacations assists you through every step of your surgical journey.

Taqtik knee replacement, orthopedic
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Knee Replacement Surgery on Location

The inevitability of aging means that at some stage, most of us will experience a bit of wear and tear to our bones. And one of the first bones to start complaining, is the knee bone.
The cartilage in our knee degrades over time, reduces the cushioning between bones and can eventually result in the cripplingly painful osteoarthritis.

What to do when you need new knees

Knee’s that have suffered this much damage will need to an artificial knee joint. Knee replacement surgery is extremely common, it only takes a couple of hours and it’s available worldwide.
In the United States, many people looking for knee replacements are consulting with orthopaedic surgeons overseas, and often choose a favourite holiday destination. Destinations like Cancun, Mexico allow patients to stay on and fully recover, beachside with nothing to do but relax and unwind.

What is an artificial knee joint?

The artificial knee joint (prosthesis) gives a new smooth surface to the knee which helps to cushion the degraded bones. The prosthesis is made from metal and hard plastic components that fit together during surgery.

Taqtik knee replacement, orthopedic

The Surgery

Knee joint replacement surgery will be performed under general anaesthetic and takes approximately two hours.
An incision is made over the front of the knee joint, and the worn surfaces within the joint are removed and re-shaped.
The artificial knee joint is attached with specialised bone cement and fitted together. Muscles and ligaments are repositioned and adjusted for best possible knee function.

How Much Does it Cost?

Prices for knee replacement surgery vary depending on the desired destination, surgeon and accommodation options.

Medical travel concierge company My Orthopaedic Vacations in Cancun, Mexico there are a selection of packages available including a 12-night complete knee replacement package for USD $11,845.

Packages include a full concierge service that includes:

  • Pickup & Dropoff at the airport
  • transportation to and from all medical appointments
  • tours & daytrips for medical patients and their travelling companions
  • hotel, recovery centre and spa/wellness centre recommendations and accommodations
  • coordination and contact with doctors, dentists, specialists and hospital patient coordinators (including through teleconference with the patient)
  • car rentals if requested
  • a nurse or chaperone if requested or required.
Taqtik home- cancun-Mexico
Taqtik MMV cancun-staff picture

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