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New Breasts: New Confidence for Laura!

Laura has been wanting to change her breast size ever since she was a teenager, and so after working hard and saving she decided to book a trip to Thailand to have a breast augmentation. This is her story, pictures and videos that show amazing results!

“I wanted to do this for myself, I knew this would be my breast size if I didn’t have the procedure, so I wanted to save up the money and do it for me!”

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After the procedure Laura was delighted with the results from her Breast Augmentation, feeling that it was better than she could have expected.
Her biggest concern pre-surgery had been the fear of being put under aesthetic, but with the support of the hospital staff and her mum who came along as support, she felt safe and secure.
Laura’s Client Service Manager in Thailand visited Laura and her mum regularly at their accommodation and took them to lunch with other clients who were having their own surgical procedures.
The doctors and nurses took great care of her, and she would feel confident in using a medical facilitator like Taqtik again if she wanted another procedure.

“The hospital care was better than I could have imagined, I was looked after extremely well. All the doctors, and nurses were really supportive”

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Four weeks post procedure Laura was no longer in any pain. And when we caught up with her seven weeks after, Laura was feeling great. She has had great reactions from friends and family, who all agree that her new breasts look very natural. This is exactly the look that Laura was hoping to achieve. Six months after her procedure in Thailand, Laura is seeing the world from the deck of a super yacht in Spain!

“Everything is fantastic! I have healed so well and I’m really happy! They look and feel so much more natural and have dropped lots which I’m happy with!”

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10 Great Reasons to use a Medical Facilitator

Why book through a medical facilitator like Taqtik, rather than going direct to the hospital? Excellent question! Here are 10 great reasons why you should use a facilitator for your medical holiday.

Although price should never be your main consideration when making important decisions about your health, it’s something we are all concerned with! We have a special relationship with each of our Medical Facilitators. Our partners can get you the best local pricing, often cheaper than advertised internationally.

Our partners offer flexible travel arrangements. You can make your own booking, or they can arrange this on your behalf. Our facilitators are partnered with most travel programs and can get you excellent discounts! We do not mark up our travel services. This is complimentary.

We have been involved in medical tourism since 2004, with access to over 6000+ client testimonials, case studies, and referrals. Our consultants have personally traveled for surgery and can share their experiences. We know how to manage your medical holiday directly and we are not an agent looking for referrals.

Our partners have long-term relationships with surgeons and hospitals. It is important to understand a surgeon’s skills and choose a surgeon based on your individual needs. Surgeons move around. If you book direct with a hospital and need follow-up care, it may be difficult to locate the surgeon as they often change hospitals, even countries. Partners maintain relationships with hospitals and make sure you have continual communication with your surgeon if and when you need it, following surgery.

Our partners employ dedicated and experienced consultants that provide free consultation for as long as you need it. No question is too difficult to answer and they work hard to give you complete peace of mind before booking your medical holiday.

Our partners have experience in preparing clients for surgery. They provide a step by step guide to booking your procedures that includes:
• Itinerary – a day to day view of your appointments and schedule
• Payment and Receipt – we help process your payment directly to the hospital and provide confirmation of payments received to date
• Pre-departure Information: This is a very important document to read to answer all the small questions about your journey before you leave
• Consent forms – partners provide consent forms for your planned surgery outlining procedure and risks. You will be asked to sign these when you arrive that you agree with the procedure and risks. They are quite standard documents for any hospital and surgeon in the world, but of course if you don’t agree to the risks, then you should not have surgery and we can delay or cancel your surgery.

We have a state-of the art IT infrastructure that complies with global privacy laws. Our system is a collaboration of multiple technology partners that ensure complete client privacy from the moment of inquiry to follow up support. The system is designed to comply with HIPAA (USA), ATIP (Canada), NPP (Australia), HIPC (New Zealand), NHS (United Kingdom, and HST (South Africa), but is adaptable to suit the privacy requirement of all countries.

Most destinations offer a dedicated service manager who will look after you personally once you arrive. This will include arranging all transfers, appointments with surgeons, babysitting, or grocery shopping. (arrange in advance)

Once you arrive back home you may have additional questions. You are connected back to your consultant who booked your original surgery so they understand your original needs without having to explain. We also ask you to complete a survey as we want to continually improve. Your feedback is very important.

You are part of our family, and if interested are always looking for consultants. Share your experience with others and join our team!

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Introducing Cosmetic Holidays Philippines



Taqtik International Manager Paula Vernon would like to introduce one of our newest Medical tourism partners, Cosmetic Holidays Philippines! Packages for this stunningly beautiful destination are now available on the Taqtik Marketplace.

Cosmetic Holidays Philippines provides medical tourists with unparalleled end-to-end services. They assist with every aspect of your holiday- finding the best doctors and health facilities, treatment, accommodation, a recovery holiday in their local destination of choice and post-treatment follow-up

This pioneering medical tourism agency is known for its outstanding service of facilitating clients to the Philippines for cosmetic dental and cosmetic care. The stunningly beautiful Philippines is known for world class surgeons, hospitals and accommodation.

Cosmetic Holidays doesn’t just offer surgeries from world-class doctors and top-notch medical centers, it offers luxurious beauty escapes!


Known for its completely customizable holidays. Clients can add as much, or as little as they wish. A complete package can include the following:

  • Transfer from airport to luxurious apartment (located next door to hospital)
  • Your personal assistant will walk you through the itinerary for your beauty getaway.
  • A fully stocked fridge awaits you at the apartment.
  • Clients are given a personal mobile phone with handy applications for ordering food, transport services or simply to contact their personal assistant.
  • After their procedure, medical tourists can decide to enjoy a well-deserved beach holiday in one of Cosmetic Holidays Philippines’ partner luxurious beach resorts.
  • Packages

As the team continue to work on putting the Philippines on the medical tourism map, Cosmetic Holidays Philippines is now widening the services and packages that it offers. They are now also providing a variety of procedures like regenerative treatments, hair transplants, mastectomy, executive check-up packages, dental and many more.

Cosmetic Holidays looks forward to welcoming you to the Philippines!

Taqtik clients susan and kelvin
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Susan and Kelvin’s Couples Facelift Vacation!

There are many misconceptions about Medical Tourism. It’s not safe, no-one will speak English, the surgeons aren’t trained…the list goes on.

Thankfully you don’t have to go far before you fear a positive story about medical tourism! Thousands of patients have been astounded by the excellent level of service they receive at international hospitals, and how wrong their misconceptions were.

Grandparents Susan and Kelvin traveled together from Australia, to Phuket, Thailand for cosmetic surgery. Upon arriving home they wanted to share their story, especially with those who had concerns about travelling for surgery…


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