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Cosmetic Surgery in the Mexican Caribbean

Cosmetic Surgery in the Mexican Pacific

Cancun is known as the bread and butter of Mexico’s Medical Tourism with the development of Health City, idyllic holiday destinations like Cancun and Merida and world class cosmetic surgeons and specialists. This beautiful destination rises in the ranks as one of the most affordable, safe and practical destinations for international patients from all around the world. While Mexico City and Monterrey are popular holiday destinations. Cancun has much to offer with double board-certified surgeons, world-class hospitals, and amazing hotels and resorts. Patrizia Barrueco from Taqtik explains more about why the Mexican Pacific is quickly becoming a favorite destination for medical travelers.

Health City

Health City is a long-cherished medical tourism development in Cancun, planned to become a large complex of private medical care and specialized services for retirees. Located just ten minutes from the airport, and in addition to specialized hospitals and clinics, the complex will feature health and wellness spas, shopping centers, convention centers, housing areas, luxury condos, office buildings, entertainment areas and spaces for scientific research.

Cancun & Merida

Cancun is well known for its crystalline water and unforgettable white sand, and Merida (also known as Ciudad Blanca) is one of the favorite destinations in Mexico with its colonial charm and Mayan sites. In both destinations you will find one-of-a-kind cosmetic surgeons that exceed the expectations of even the most demanding patients.

Dr Ramon Navarro

Dr Navarro was born in Merida and started his impressive career many years ago. He is double board certified in Mexico by the AMCPER and USA by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) as well as the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ISAPS). Awarded with many distinctions of science, Dr. Navarro is also member of the Associacao dos ExAlunos do Prof. Pitanguy of Cosmetic Surgery in Brazil (AEXPI)

Dr Nain Maldonado

Dr Maldonado was born in Mexico City and started his amazing career at Angeles Lomas Hospital, known as the best medical care facility in Mexico City. He is double board certified in Mexico by the AMCPER, and in the USA by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). Dr Maldonado also received the award of best plastic surgeon in Mexico by the Doctoralia Awards. Nowadays, he works side by side with Dr Alicia Benavides in Cancun.

Dr Alicia Benavides

Dr Benavides was born in Argentina, and years later, she came to Mexico where she graduated as a Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgeon and started her outstanding career under the wing of Dr. Ortiz-Monasterio. Dr Benavides is board certified by the AMCPER and is well known in Cancun as a pioneer and the founder of  the Medical School Association of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons of Quintana Roo.

Dr. Rafael Velasco

Dr. Velasco was born in Mexico City, where he graduated as a Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgeon. He started his ascending career under the wing of Dr. Ortiz-Monasterio.  Dr Velasco is a pioneer in Cancun and is double board certified in Mexico by AMCPER and the General Hospital of Mexico. He’s also a member of the World Society of Anti-Aging Medicine (WOOSAM), the AO Fundation and Network-Lipolysis.

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If you have any comments or questions about cosmetic surgery in the Mexican Pacific please comment below. You can also contact me directly at Search for packages on the Taqtik Marketplace, request a firmquote or schedule a consult when you’re on holiday!

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Scheduling a Surgical Consult While on Vacation

Patrizia Barrueco is a Partner Success Manager at TaqTik and works with leading healthcare providers around the world to ensure TaqTik members receive top services, quality and pricing. Taqtik now offers a complimentary appointment service to request a consultation at your vacation destination. Patrizia Barrueco explains how the new service works, and how to book your vacation consultation.

Taqtik clients can now plan to have a surgical consultation while on holiday, without needing to book or confirm a procedure in advance. Our head surgeons and specialists are available to meet with you in all of your favorite destinations. Appointments are usually available every morning and afternoon, and includes all treatments and surgeries. Just follow this link and you can arrange to see a doctor in your preferred destination: 

Seeing your doctor on vacation:
  • Urgent medical issues can be dealt with on a same day basis.
  • Once your consultation date is confirmed, we provide you with the name of surgeon, hospital, date, time and cost.
  • When there is no availability on the dates and times you require, we will give you more options so you can choose an alternative.
  • If you are planning to have a procedure done, we highly recommend that you complete the firmquote request prior to your appointment. You just need to follow this link:—firmquote

This will confirm you are suitable for the procedure and the expected cost, and that the surgery or treatment date can be tentatively scheduled at your request.

  • If you would like to schedule a skype or telephone consultation with your surgeon, we can also arrange that for you.
How to cancel an appointment

If you have confirmed appointment by email, SMS or whatsapp you can simply reply CANCEL back by using the same message.  

Medical students, patient coordinators and nurses

Medical students, patient coordinators and nurses will occasionally sit in during consultations with patients. Let us know if you don’t wish to have them present, it is quite alright to let us know. Whatever you need, we are here with you every step of the way.

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If you have any comments or questions about scheduling a consultation on vacation, please comment below or contact me directly at You can also search for packages in your preferred destination on the Taqtik Marketplace!

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My Lazy Sunday in Kuala Lumpur

Taqtik International Manager, Paula Vernon regularly travels to Asia to meet with medical facilitators, hoteliers and surgeons. Her recent trip took her and Taqtik Client Manager Nikki Carlson to Malaysia, and she shares with us their experience in popular medical tourism destination Kuala Lumpur.
The Pavilion Shopping Center

Well I decided that my last Sunday here in KL I would share some of my favorite places with you.  Let’s start from a Saturday night with a walk over to the Food Court on the lower level at Pavilion Shopping Centre…. they were getting ready for Christmas….and this was only on one level!!! The food court on the lower level is absolutely filled with so many choices of different foods- Indian, Chinese, Penang Street Food, Teppanyaki, Malay, Japanese and so much more.  We decided on a yummy Japanese Restaurant, which is one of our favorites, so we ate sushi, tempura prawns and vegetables- delicious.

The Petronas Towers
Took a walk to the famous Identical  Petronas Towers for the night view – and a selfie.  The Petronas Towers, also known as the Petronas Twin Towers, are twin skyscrapers. According to the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat’s official definition and ranking, they were the tallest buildings in the world from 1998 to 2004.
Bukit Bintang
We woke on Sunday to this stunning view of the city from our apartment in the heart of Bukit Bintang, where you have the opportunity to shop at places like: Pavilion-Malaysia’s premier shopping experience,  Lot 10,-which has an amazing food court on the lower level and Berjaya Times Square– which has Hotels and a Theme Park with a roller coaster!! Now for a great bargain my personal favourite is Sungei Wang Plaza. On the third floor there is an amazing Vietnamese café with an amazing Vietnamese crispy pancake. Also, on the main entry floor there are many optometry shops where you can have your eyes tested, frames and lens for 50 MYR which is approximately $18 (AUD).
Chef Low Dinner on Sunday night…. Chef Low at Bangsar.  The food is delicious and popular with locals and tourists alike.  The food I love to eat here is the steamed brown rice, silken homemade tofu and the sticky sweet Mongolian style spareribs
Petaling Street Markets
A great way to finish Sunday is a trip to the famous Petaling Street Markets – aka Chinatown Markets.  Here you will find all kinds of things and it doesn’t come alive until the evening.  These are famous markets that tourists have been flocking to for many years.  The thrill is in the haggling over the price of what you are wanting to pay!

A little bit more info… if you are a current holder of a UK, USA, Canadian Australian or New Zealand you do not need a visa to travel to Malaysia.  The local currency is Malaysian Ringgit and the weather is always warm/hot.   Malaysia….. truly Asia.  I love coming to visit!

Want to know more?

If you have any comments or questions about traveling to Kuala Lumpur for cosmetic surgery, please comment below or contact me directly at You can also search for available packages on the TaqTik Marketplace or book an appointment when you are on vacation!


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Kim Overcomes her Surgery Phobia in Cancun, Mexico

Kim was understandably nervous as she traveled from Canada to Mexico for cosmetic surgery. She was scheduled for a tummy tuck, and about to meet her surgeon for the first time! Not knowing what to expect she arrived in Cancun still a little unsure and cautious. It was only after meeting her My Medical Vacations consultant that she was able to relax! Kim quickly began to feel excited about her surgical journey and the beauty of Cancun peninsula.

My Medical Vacations interviews Kim post-surgery to hear feedback about her experience, the procedure, the surgeon, the hospital, the beaches…and most importantly the results!

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My Medical Vacations offers a full concierge service for visitors to Cancun, where you can choose from multiple high-quality hospitals and surgeons. If you would like to know more about travelling to Cancun for cosmetic surgery contact Taqtik adviser Paula Vernon- With Taqtik you can request a Firmquote from My Medical Vacations or book a consultation for when you are on vacation.


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Transgender and Breast Procedures in Phuket

Victoria Pakohomova is a Beauty Vacation Adviser at Taqtik in Phuket, Thailand. Plastic surgeons in Phuket are increasingly in demand, so Victoria is sharing her knowledge of the surgeons at Phuket Plastic Surgery Institute (PPSI) beginning with the director of Phuket Plastic Surgery Institute (PPSI) Dr. Sanguan.
Gender reassignment surgery

Thailand is well known in the world for its transgender tolerance. Gender reassignment surgeries (GRA) are accepted in Buddhism as a normal human right. GRA surgeries have a long and successful history in Thailand, and transgender patients from all over the world travel here for this life-changing procedure. One of the most respected and world-recognized surgeons that specialize in this area is Dr. Sanguan Kunaporn- the Director of PPSI.

Dr Sanguan graduated from Bangkok Medical University in 1984 with a Surgeons Diploma, then worked and studied in plastic surgery from 1988 to 1991. His practical experience in Aesthetic surgery has continued for over 28 years and Dr Sanguan is renowned as an innovative specialist in GRA and mammoplasty procedures.

Breast procedures

Thousands of women have enjoyed amazing results after their breast reconstruction, revision, reduction, lift and augmentation surgeries. Dr. Sanguan regularly takes on challenging and complex cases previously rejected by other clinics or surgeons. He also ensures that scars are thin and small, becoming almost invisible with time.

I especially love working with Dr. Sanguan because of his thoughtful and warm approach with clients and his attention to detail. His main motivation is to meet his client’s expectations and will always discuss his surgical methods and possible outcomes in detail.

Dr Sanguan believes that the beauty in breasts is not in their size, but in their harmonious shape. The curves of the breast should be relevant to a woman’s height, weight and body shape. During the consultation, he uses computer simulation programs for visualization of the surgery results, giving the patient various options. Dr Sanguan’s patients are consistently happy with their results and and recommend him as the best surgeon for mammoplasties. I would highly recommend booking a surgery vacation with Dr. Sanguan at least six months in advance due to his busy schedule.

Because Dr. Sanguan is such an easy-going person, and always eager to help, you’ll feel comfortable asking him as many questions as you need. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to write down and I can refer them to Dr Sanguan, one of the world’s best breast surgeons.

If your planning a trip to Phuket and you want some information on the great medical options here, please leave me a comment below, or email me directly at
phuket low season

5 Reasons to Book your Phuket Healthcare Vacation in the Low Season

Hi, this is Victoria Pakohomova from Taqtik and I have has been working and living in Phuket Thailand for the last seven years. Living in Phuket all year round, gives me the opportunity to work with great healthcare partners like Phuket Plastic Surgery and many others. Phuket, in both low and high seasons, has given me a unique insight into when to travel there and why. Medical travelers often opt to visit during the high season to avoid rains and typhoons, but here’s a better option…

The calendar year in Phuket is divided into high and low seasons.  Normally, the high season lasts from October to March and low from May to September. The question is What about April? It is a separate story, come back to it in the end. Seasonality is determined by weather conditions and wind direction. In high season, the wind blows from the east, and the west coast sea (where are all bathing beaches are located) is calm, smooth and safe. 

victoria phuket beach

Sunny weather is more or less guaranteed, and if suddenly rain starts, it doesn’t last long and the hot sun is back again. In the beginning – in the middle of May, the direction of wind changes, wavy weather starts, rib currents happen often, the probability of rains and typhoons increases significantly. That said, there are advantages in traveling to Phuket for healthcare in low season (based on the experience of seven years of living in Phuket)

  1. Significantly less quantity of tourists– even ex-pats and those who come to stay to Phuket during winter in their country of residence leave the island during low season. You will enjoy deserted beaches, romantic sunsets, places of interest and breath-taking viewpoints without crowds of people.
  2. Temperature– In low season sweat won’t pour from your face and body, because the air temperature is not 32-35, but 25-30. And during the recovery process, you are breathing in fresh sea air rather than chilling in the room with aircon. Of course, there is a risk of rain, but it normally rains lasts from 1- to 2 hours, refreshes the air and again and is replaced by the sun.
  3. Price- You will be amazed by prices for accommodation, car rental and hotels during low season. For example: a room in a luxury hotel cost THB 1500 -2000 per night in low season, while the regular price for the same room in the high season could be just TBH 8,000 – 12,000. The service will be the same, the hotel half empty and you save a huge sum. Even restaurants have more discounts, promotions and interesting offers.
  4. Fruit- the low season is the season of many exotic fruits like mango, mangosteen, lychee, rambutan, sugar apple, longan, santol and, of course, the Thai king of fruits – nasty smelling Durian fruit. About 5-7 sorts of juicy mango and durian at dirt cheap prices and a maximum level of vitamins! Great support in the healing process after surgery.
  5. Exercise- If the partner, traveling with you is an active person – it is a great time to try surfing or kiting, waves and wind are perfect at that time of the year. It is also a perfect time to travel with kids too because of different summer camps in international schools, wake parks, surf schools. Children will find themselves in a multinational environment, find new friends, improve physical shape due to various sports activities and English or French language skills. It is impossible during the high season during the educational process at schools.

So welcome to Phuket! The paradise island for beauty vacations with highly professional and experienced surgeons.

And coming back to April…it is in between high and low seasons: still no waves, rip currents and rains, but it is very hot. Extremely hot and humid. Not recommended. Just believe a person with 7 years of living experience at Phuket

victoria phuket pool

So, if your planning a trip to Phuket and you want some information on the great medical options here, please leave me a comment below, or email me directly at


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Why the Philippines is Primed to Become a Medical Tourism Hub

Why are more medical travelers choosing Philippines as their destination? Few other Asian destinations can offer such impressive landscapes, and coastlines captivatingly tropical white beaches as Philippines. The Archipelago of 7,000 islands offers waterfront leisure at its finest, and an abundance of natural resources and beauty. If visitors get bored of the scenery, they can venture out to discover whatever tickles their fancy…historical landmarks, modern metropolis, or world class medical facilities.
Medical travel

The Philippines is home to a huge selection of high-end medical tourism centers like the Centuris Medical Makati. 28 stories and 500 clinics covering an extensive range of medical needs. Medical travelers can use a medical tourism facilitator like Cosmetic Holidays Philippines to co-ordinate their entire trip including surgical consults, accommodation and private transfers.

Top 3 Philippines destinations

With 7,000 islands to choose from, why choose just one? Whether you’re there to party, relax or to experience a different culture, the Philippines delivers. There’s a destination for every type of traveller…but here are our top three…

  • Siguijor Island

You know the advertisements where bikini clad models recline on deck chairs, white sand at their feet and a clear blue ocean ahead? That’s Siguijor Island. A favourite spot for travellers is the Coco Grove Beach Resort. It’s cottages and villas sit within a gorgeous tropical garden setting, right next to a white beach and clear blue ocean. Visitors to Siguijor Island spend their day snorkelling and swimming, and their night dining on fresh seafood and traditional Filipino food. This Philippines destination is less crowded than other islands, and ideal for the traveller who needs a restorative break.

2. Manila

The other side of the Philippines is its booming metropolis- Manila. A fast paced, action packed urban dream for those who want a true big city experience. The financial and entertainment districts boast horizons of skyscrapers, high end shopping malls and some of the best restaurants and night life the country has to offer. Manila is not for the faint hearted and if the destination for the traveller who wants culture and an endless supply of entertainment!

3. Borocay Island

Another quintessentially ‘tropical island’ paradise, Borocay ticks all the boxes for both nature lovers and adventure seekers. This island is continually rated as one of the best island holiday destinations in the world on Trip Advisor, and it’s not just because of the white beaches and palm trees. The East Coast of Borocay Island offers visitors the thrill of kite surfer and paragliding, and climb Mount Luho for panoramic views of the island. In the evening, travelers enjoy a vibrant nightlife and mouth-watering food at the many restaurants available. Borocay Island is the destination for thrill seekers.

The bountiful Philippines provides more than enough to keep you occupied, whatever your reason for travel. This growing medical tourism hub is visited by travelers from all over the world seeking cosmetic, dental and medical treatment. Cosmetic Holiday’s Philippines offers a full concierge service for it’s clients and can advise you on the best surgeons and accommodation for your needs. Contact them today or check out the available Philippines packages of the Taqtik online health marketplace today.

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