About Taqtik

Taqtik Health Inc. is an international online marketplace and healthcare technology company based in California, United States. The company was founded in 2016.   The company connects 30,000 Taqtik members from over 100 countries to healthcare partners using their technology and services.  The company technology offers clients to search, arrange, and book high-quality, accessible, and affordable medical treatments and services.

Taqtik develops healthcare solutions that enable global healthcare partners with software as a service (SAAS) memberships for personal and small business, and CRM patient navigation system for medium to large business. Through its managed service offering it augments gaps in partner service delivery by providing skilled resources in consulting, strategy, marketing, sales, service delivery and custom billing solutions.

  • We work with healthcare partners to deliver “fair value” and transparent costs to our members
  • We prioritize members appointment and waiting times
  • We visit every healthcare provider, and have reguar partner meetings to follow up on members feedback.
  • We only promote partners that meet our members, safety, language, hospitality, and service requirements. 
  • Partners leverage our technology to ensure your trust, privacy, and confidentiality are priority. 
  • We offer standard and custom “painless payment” options to ensure your payments are paid to your provider of choice on-time
  • We focus on growing trusted partnerships with service providers that have the training and specialties to deliver great outcomes for our members 
  • Our reputation is key to long-term success. Great outcomes contribute to our reputation

There is no cost to use the marketplace for members. Membership is free and allows you to exclusive access to specials, promotions, and rewards programs.

Vendor questions

Vendors own a store on the marketplace.  Vendors can be a hospital, clinic, facilitators, service partner or business partner.  Each vendor manages its sales, bookings, services, own profile, products, procedures and pricing.

This is your choice.  A facilitator often provides services at no cost, over and above what the hospital or clinic is willing to provide.  The procedure price will always be the same, but the services may dffer. Facilitators often represent hospitals clinics, and/or surgeons that do not wish to manage clients directly and are well experienced in direct patient management.

TaqTik selects partner based on a high set of standards. If a client is unhappy with a vendor, we have a Careplus policy to ensure that we will work with the vendor and patient to find an acceptable outcome for all parties.

Reviews of previous clients can help you determine feedback.  In addition , you may wish to choose to work with facilitators or agencies that have a wider view of multiple countries, or hospitals.  Often, they have already done your homework for you and can give you direct case studies and testimonials. 

Each vendor has its own booking and cancellation policy.  You can easily see before placing a depsoit.  In most cases, deposits are completely refunded with enough notice.  In any case of you can always lodge a complaint with TaqTik if you have any problems.  

Taqtik is an open marketplace which means that you can decide who to work with.  Just remember that pricing is the same, the only difference is the service, reputation, and brand of the vendor.  

Pricing Guidelines

Pricing is managed directly by all vendor stores.  TaqTik marketplace does not add any additional costs to pricing.  This can only be determined by vendors.

Service Providers

We work with each health providers in different ways depending on their size, and business need. 

  • We promote credible health providers to our global members so they have continued choice, transparency and accessibility to great healthcare. 
  • Through our patient navigation system we maximize health providers capacity and improve patient logistics
  • We jointly focus on brand reputation that comes from positive patient experiences
  • We standardize on international patient navigation pre and post care support
  • We manage member payments so health providers don’t worry about debt collection
  • We gather and collect required information (data collection) from our members so healthcare providers can make accurate assessments, and feedback 

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