Penis Enhancement. The Long and the Short of it

For many men, the answer to the question does size matter? Is YES! A common cause for anxiety, the size of a man’s penis can often affect his confidence and even his mental health. My Medical Vacations connects you with leading penile enhancement specialists in Mexico City. Advanced cosmetic surgery techniques can change the length, girth and shape of the penis, restoring confidence and self-esteem.
How does a penis enlargement work?
There are a variety of different ways to enhance the penis with cosmetic surgery, and length is not the only factor to consider. Procedures available through My Medical Vacations include penile lengthening, girth enhancement, lengthening and enhancement and supra pubic liposculpture.
Penile lengthening
The penile lengthening procedure is performed while the patient is under general anesthetic. During the operation the suspended penile ligament is released, allowing the internal part of the penis to slide forward and extend the over all penile length. Results will depend on the consistency and strength of the penile ligament. This procedure takes approximately one hour, patients can return to work after three to five days of recovery, and to sexual activity after 35 days.
Girth enhancement
The penile girth enhancement procedure is performed while the patient is under general anesthetic. During the operation an injection of fat is used to enlarge the penile circumference. The fat is taken from the patients abdomen and injected through incisions made just below the head of the penis. Stitches are absorbed within 20 days and will heal quickly with minimal scarring. This procedure takes approximately 45 minutes and patients can return to work after one day of recovery, and to sexual activity after 30 days.
Penile lengthening with girth enhancement
Many patients opt to have both the lengthening and the enhancement procedure in one surgical sitting. This procedure takes approximately 90 minutes and patients can return to work after two days of recovery, and to sexual activity after six weeks.
Suprapubic liposculpture
This procedure is often used in conjunction with penile lengthening and enlargement, and uses liposuction to reduce the suprapubic fat pad and overlying tissues that can make the penis look shorter than it is. The surgery uses cannulas with vibrating mechanisms to dissolves excess fat while the patient is under general anesthetic. The suprapubic procedure takes approximately 60 minutes and patients can return to work after two days of recovery, and to sexual activity after 20 days.
Penis enhancement with My Medical Vacations
My Medical Vacations (MMV) is a medical facilitator that bridges the gap between the patients home country and Mexico City. They will organize all of the little details that can contribute to pre-holiday nerves and stress. The logistics of airport pick ups and drop offs, communication with surgeons, hotels, transportation, communication with family back home and follow up care are all taken care of. MMV can connect you with surgeons like Dr Miguelangel Guevara, Latin America’s leading specialist in penile enhancement. Dr Guevara is the only Mexican member of the International Penoplasty Academy and has preformed over 800 successful penoplasty procedures.
View Dr Guevara’s patient video testimony here
More about MMV’s penile plastic program
Why Mexico City?
Mexico City is one of the world’s fastest growing economies and is fast becoming a leader in world class medical travel. The New York Times has named Mexico City as the metropolis that has it all. A place where you can immerse yourself in Mexican culture by exploring historic sites and luxurious buildings or enjoy the unique cosmopolitan flavor in the many bars, restaurants and clubs.

For more information about penile enhancement and traveling with medical facilitator My Medical Vacations comment below, or contact Taqtik Consultant Paula Vernon- You can also request a Taqtik firmquote for more precise pricing or arrange a consultation if you’re travelling to Mexico City for a holiday!


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