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Personalized 3G Nose Design at VG Plastic Surgery

A common concern about rhinoplasty is that the results will look unnatural. That after surgery you won’t look like yourself anymore, and it will be brazenly obvious that you have had work done. At VG Plastic surgery in South Korea, they use state of the art 3D diagnostic equipment to ensure you end up with the ideal nose for the shape of your face.
Personalized nose design

At VG Plastic Surgery precise analysis are carried out along with diagnosis procedures, using 3D CT Scans prior to surgery.  The 3D CT equipment presents 3D images of the patient based on risks can be minimized, and accuracy enhanced during surgery. 3D imaging can identify problems that can’t be detected through a regular consultation.

Instead of creating the same nose design for every patient, VG Plastic Surgery performs an accurate analysis of each patient’s face shape to create the ideal nose.  Stylish nose shape accentuates attractive features and minimizes aesthetic flaws.

Overview of procedure

A 3D CT scan provides a detailed analysis of the size and shape of the nasal bone, the septal naval cartilage and the degree of curvature of the bone and/or cartilage. The surgeon then checks for enlargement of the inferior nasal concha, presence of implants and determine the implant type and any problems including:

  • Shape and size of septal nasal cartilage- the scan will determine if the patient is a good candidate for a rhinoplasty using the septal nasal cartilage.
  • Septal deviation- if the patient has septal deviation a resection can be performed at the same time as the procedure.
  • Width of the nasal bone- if deemed necessary a nasal bone width revision (nasal bone osteotomy) can be performed at the same time as the procedure.
  • Enlarged interior nasal concha- an enlarged interior nasal concha that causes nasal congestion can be remedied during the procedure.
Why choose a 3D rhinoplasty over regular a rhinoplasty?

More and more plastic surgeons are choosing to use 3D technology because it allows them to more accurately plan for a safer surgery. Patients of 3D technology are seeing better and more natural looking results.

General Medical ConsultationPre Op Analysis3D CT Analysis specifically for Rhinoplasty procedures
Difficult to determine the micro anatomical changes and characteristicsSurgical PlanCan stablish a more accurate surgical plan, based on a precise diagnosis achieved using CT scans
Difficult to carry out the procedure as oneSurgery outcomesEnsures a safe and predictable Rhinoplasty procedure

Difficult to determine the height and state of the implant that was used in the previous surgery

Corrective SurgeryCan determine the state of the implant and the anatomical structures (including presence of nasal septum) in advance for a more accurate operation
VG plastic surgery

The team at VG plastic surgery specializes in procedures for eyes, noses, breasts, facial contouring and anti-aging treatments. They offer a customized system that offers a safe, transparent and total recovery care package. The 3G imaging provided by VG plastic surgery allows for a short recovery period, less swelling and minimal bruising. For more information on 3G imaging contact the VG plastic surgery customer care team, or search for packages on the Taqtik Marketplace.


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