Nipple with Inverted Nipple Correction-1 side. LA (PPSI)

USD $654

Nipple Inverted – Correction of inverted nipple 1 side (L.A.) Op. Time: 1 – 2 hours, Hospital: – 1 nights, Stay: 7 days

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Your PPSI Plastic Surgery Package Includes:

    • Admission to the hospital in a private room
    • Operating theater fee
    • Anesthetic fee
    • Surgical fee
    • Pre-operative screening (chest x-ray, complete blood cell count, and EKG)
    • Breast augmentation and breast lift clients will be provided with 1 complimentary post-op bra.
    • Follow up visit/s after the operation

PPSI includes the following complimentary services for procedures over 100,000 Thai Baht (THB);

    • 24-hour on-call post-operative care for emergency situations
    • Arranged and scheduled pre and post-surgery consultations with your surgeon/medical practitioner, as necessary
    • All ground transfers to/from the hospital and airport/hotel
    • Support with VISA and entry requirements
  • In addition, Taqtik provides

    • Telephone/video patient advocate support when returning home with our Careplus policy which ensures we are there to support you should you have any post-surgery issues up to a year following surgery




Procedure or Treatment Time

1 to 2 hours


Local Anaesthesia (LA)

Location Destination



Thai Baht (THB)

Languages Spoken

English spoken widely by healthcare professionals, Thai

Treatment Category

Cosmetic Surgery

Hospital Nights

Day Surgery

Service Provider

Shipping Policy


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