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Born from the merger of the Phuket International Aesthetic Center (PIAC) and the Bangkok Phuket Institute of Cosmetic Surgery (BPICS), the Phuket Plastic Surgery Institute, (PPSI), combines the best features of its predecessors – skilled surgeons, the latest technology, and a caring and compassionate approach to healthcare.

PPSI is located in the brand new six-story building that is part of Phuket International Hospital. This state of the art building offers excellence in medical care as well as comfort for patients with an array of amenities including private rooms and suites, WiFi, language services and much more. Continuing and improving the patient services that are the trademark of Thai hospitality, PPSI carries on that tradition by serving patients from around the world all within the setting of beautiful Phuket. PPSI is conveniently located near hotels, super centers, and shopping malls offering convenience during your stay in Thailand.

Treatments and Specialties

While its partner hospital Phuket International Hospital focuses on tertiary care, PPSI specializes in a wide range of cosmetic and plastic surgeries with its doctors and medical professionals working hard to help patients’ look and feel their best. Many of Thailand’s top surgeons are internationally recognized for their medical excellence developing expertise in performing certain types of procedures often innovating and leading the way in improving treatments for their patients. A comprehensive menu of cosmetic and plastic surgeries is available. Have a procedure or procedures in mind? PPSI probably offers it. Contact us to discuss your treatment options.


This brand new building offers many amenities to patients including private rooms and suites, language services in addition to English and Thai, and other services. Interested in a particular service or group of services? Contact your TaqTik representative who can personalize your services and make arrangements to meet your needs.

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