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Kim Overcomes her Surgery Phobia in Cancun, Mexico

Kim was understandably nervous as she traveled from Canada to Mexico for cosmetic surgery. She was scheduled for a tummy tuck, and about to meet her surgeon for the first time! Not knowing what to expect she arrived in Cancun still a little unsure and cautious. It was only after meeting her My Medical Vacations consultant that she was able to relax! Kim quickly began to feel excited about her surgical journey and the beauty of Cancun peninsula.

My Medical Vacations interviews Kim post-surgery to hear feedback about her experience, the procedure, the surgeon, the hospital, the beaches…and most importantly the results!

Take the next step

My Medical Vacations offers a full concierge service for visitors to Cancun, where you can choose from multiple high-quality hospitals and surgeons. If you would like to know more about travelling to Cancun for cosmetic surgery contact Taqtik adviser Paula Vernon- With Taqtik you can request a Firmquote from My Medical Vacations or book a consultation for when you are on vacation.


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4 Top Tips for Losing Belly Fat

A flat stomach is the holy grail for anyone chasing the weight loss dream. The mid-section is often the first place for excess fat to settle and the last place that it leaves. Many clients come to Gorgeous Getaways concerned about the weight around their middle, especially sagging skin after dramatic weight loss. Tummy tuck and liposuction procedures are often sought to get rid of excess skin that can-not be removed by exercise and diet alone. But how do lose the weight around the tummy in the first place? Here are some science backed facts and guidelines to follow before you book your surgery.
Anatomy of belly fat

The mid-section contains two different types of fat: subcutaneous and visceral. Subcutaneous fat is under the skin, it can be pinched and often hangs over the belt in a pouch. Visceral fat is found deeper around vital organs. This fat causes the much loathed ‘beer belly’ look and creates a myriad of health problems. Storing visceral fat can alter the way our hormones use metabolic hormones, increasing the risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancers. So why does weight settle around the midsection and what can you do about it?

1. Middle age

With age, comes the middle-aged spread across our waistlines. Muscle mass diminishes and fat increases. Because our muscles are active tissues that burn energy and fat, when we lose that muscle it’s more than likely that the fat will pile on. Sex hormones also change as we age. Testosterone encourages men to accumulate fat around the abdomen, and the drop of estrogen in women deposits weight to the stomach.

  • Solution: weight training. Toning your large muscle groups at least twice a week will help to rebuild the muscle mass lost when you age. More muscles create a faster metabolism which helps your body to burn more fat.
2. Stress

When life gets busy, your body is burdened with stress. Your body is flooded with stress hormones, adrenaline and cortisol that cause an imbalance of blood sugar and an inflammatory response. Stress can also cause a heightened appetite driving you to overeat and gain belly fat.

  • Solution: take time to relax. Do something that helps you to relax every day. Meditate, practice yoga, adopt a positive attitude or write in a diary. Whatever it takes to slow down and relax, find time to do it daily.
3. Sleep deprivation

When you’re sleep deprived the body will automatically search for an energy boost. Your brain will stimulate hormones that increase appetite, and have you searching for a quick hit of energy with foods loaded with carbs and sugar.

  • Solution: practice good sleep habits. Try to get to bed at the same time each night and avoid the stimulants that will disrupt your sleep like alcohol, coffee and heavy exercise. It can be helpful to set an alarm on your phone for 8.30pm to make sure you steer clear of these stimulants after that time.
4. Genetics

If your parents tend to carry weight around the waist, chances are you will too! These genetic traits have been inherited at birth but are only activated when you give them the chance to.

  • Solution: make a change. If eating processed foods and avoiding exercise comes naturally, it’s time for a change. Encourage yourself by serving meals on smaller plate, or by leaving your gym bag by the door as a reminder.
If you want to know more information about tummy tuck, or liposuction procedures with Gorgeous Getaways get in touch with our customer care team, book an appointment for your next trip to Thailand or Malaysia, or search for packages on the Taqtik marketplace.
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Life Changing Cosmetic Surgery in Kuala Lumpur

New Zealander Lisa traveled to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia to undertake multiple life changing cosmetic surgery procedures with Dr Jalil. We follow Lisa’s journey from beginning to end, starting with an interview just 24 hours out of surgery from her hospital bed at Beverly Wilshire Medical Center. International Manager Paula Vernon chats to Lisa about how she feels just one day after her breast lift, breast augmentation, extended tummy tuck and thigh lift.

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Cosmetic Surgery in South Korea

South Korea has joined the multitude of Asian countries that are fast becoming world leaders in medical tourism.

In a world wide trend quest for health and well being, people everywhere are using cosmetic surgery to obtain the body they want. Across the world 20 somethings are wanting to make the most of their looks while they still have them! Middle aged women are wanting to go back to a time when they felt and looked their best. Everyone striving for the ultimate objective of leading a happy life.

vg foyer

VG Plastic Surgery, Seoul

VG Plastic Surgery in beautiful Seoul, South Korea, works with the most vanguard techniques and has a medical team of 6 doctors specialized in plastic surgery. Specialties include procedures for breasts, body, eyes, nose, facial contouring and anti-aging.  Their vast training and experience in the field can address any concerns and satisfy the expectations of valued patients.

Clients often return to  VG Plastic Surgery for the professionally customized procedures and skilled doctors. VG staff are able to communicate in five different languages-English, Japanese, Chinese, Russian and Vietnamese. They will also help you with hotel reservations, pick-up service and interpreter.


Dr Youngmim, St Mary’s Hospital, Seoul
Dr. Youngmin is the CEO, board certified plastic surgeon and adjunct professor at St. Mary’s Hospital’s plastic surgery department in Seoul.
Youngmin specializes in many areas including eyes, rhinoplasty, breasts, body, anti aging, and face contouring. The team at St Mary’s aim to provide patients with wonderful experience, and one that they will remember as one of the best choices they’ve ever made. Seoul in South Korea is a superb destination where you can combine your treatment with a relaxing and comfortable vacation.
Taqtik Measure tape measuring the size of the patient's breast
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Top three most popular cosmetic surgery procedures

Your Gorgeous Getaways customer care team member Mel, is the first person you’ll speak to when you make an inquiry. At the coal face of GG operations Mel fields hundreds of inquiries, and provides our clients with the best advice and the best price available. We asked Mel what most people want to know when they contact us.

Every day at Gorgeous Getaways we receive numerous requests for Cosmetic Surgery Procedures at all of our exciting destinations, Malaysia, Thailand and Mexico. Our top three procedures requested would be a Breast Augmentation, Tummy Tuck and Face lift procedure. The Tummy Tuck would take out the number one spot.

Once you have chosen your procedure, we can assist you further with information on pricing, our fabulous destinations and any general questions you may have.  To move forward with your request for a Firm quote we will request specific personal information relating to your treatment chosen. Your quote will be provided to you once your medical information and photos have been assessed by our surgeons.

Breast Augmentation

A breast augmentation procedure enhances the size and shape of your breasts. It can also balance out a difference in the size of your breasts. During the procedure your surgeon will place a silicone implant behind breast tissue, or muscle. The overall goal is to have your breasts looking as natural as possible, while enlarging them to your desired size.


A face-lift procedure is generally chosen to help tighten loose skin and minimize those wrinkles that appear as we age around the Face and Neck area. It is most effective for the lower face (jowls and neck).

Tummy Tuck

A Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) procedure can have several different techniques used depending on your needs, this could be a Full Tummy Tuck, Extended Tummy Tuck or a Mini Tummy Tuck.  Sometimes this can be performed in conjunction with liposuction to help contour your body.

Gorgeous Getaways connects you with leading hospitals and specialist surgeons offering a wide range of cosmetic surgery choices. Talk to our customer care team to discuss your needs further, or search are available packages today!




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