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Tooth decay can cause excruciating pain and a root canal may be the only solution.

Signs that your tooth could be infected:

Have you experienced shooting pain in your mouth when eating or drinking? Do your gums look swollen and infected? These symptoms may signal substantial tooth decay that has reached a nerve in your tooth. Tooth decay can cause excruciating pain, and a root canal may be the only solution. It is the best treatment to cure the infection and help you save your tooth.

What happens during the root canal procedure?

The much maligned root canal is a blessing when tooth decay causes an infection in the nerve of a tooth, causing excruciating pain. A root canal is generally performed by an endodontist who has specialized training in treatments that focus on the nerves or pulp that are in teeth.

Before the root canal treatment begins, the patient is given local anesthesia to numb the pain. Once the mouth and jaw are numb, the endodontist will drill the decayed tooth removing the pulp while leaving as much of the tooth intact as possible. The nerve canal is cleaned out and then packed with synthetic material. The tooth is refilled and the treatment is complete.

Tooth decay can cause excruciating pain, and a root canal may be the only solution, but some patients find that the tooth has suffered too much decay to be saved. Your dentist will create a plan of treatment for you to determine what is best for your long term dental health.

Quick Facts about Root Canals

  • Specialized treatment
  • Involves damage to tooth nerve
  • May require 2 visits over 2-5 days
  • Tooth may or may not be saved

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